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How to Contact Senior Men Online

Sam Stieler
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Reaching out to senior men on online dating websites can be extremely nerve-racking. Not only will you have to contend with all the uncertainty endemic to online dating in general, but you will have to also push through all the discomforts and fears associated with dating at an advanced age.

Knowing that you have every right to date anyone you want, for whatever reasons you want, no matter how old you are is no small feat in and of itself. If you’ve managed to overcome those common concerns, then actually contacting senior men online will be a piece of cake!

And here are a couple of tips to make the process of contacting men even easier.

1. Pick the right site.

You will encounter many, many different dating sites you can join to meet men online, and picking the right site can go a long way toward making the process of meeting men incredibly simple, easy and stress free.

If you feel really intimidated at the thought of meeting men online, then it’s a good idea to sign up for an activity-oriented website like These websites don’t advertise themselves explicitly as dating websites, but the majority of their patrons are singles and most of the people on these sites organize and join outings with the explicit purpose of meeting other singles.

These events, generally organized around a shared activity or interest, offer the lowest-pressure way to meet men online, and contacting other seniors on this site is usually easier and more casual than sending a message on a dating site.

That being said, joining an actual dating site is the only way to know for certain you’re going to meet single senior men interested in a woman just like you.

When picking one of these sites, you can choose between a more general-use dating site open to all ages and demographics or you can join a seniors-focused dating site.

Overall, I recommend joining seniors-focused dating websites as it’s easier to find and contact senior men when you aren’t wading through, or finding yourself distracted by, the profiles of people you don’t actually have much interest in sending a message to.


“Rather than approaching the whole process as a

life-or-death experience, relax and enjoy the process.”

2. Keep it casual.

There’s no reason to make too big a deal out of sending a message to a senior man on a dating website. Rather than treating the whole occasion as your chance to meet the man of your dreams, approach it the same way you approach saying “hi” to someone at a cocktail party or any other relaxed occasion.

The goal of contacting a man on a dating site is to start a conversation, not to determine whether he’s your soul mate or anything else nearly as heavy or serious.

You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street and unload your whole life story to them. You’d walk up and say something low commitment, such as a comment about something they’re wearing or something they’re doing.

Take this approach to contacting senior men online. Read through their profile, look at their pictures, find a shared point of interest or a common thread, and send them a message commenting on it.

If the man has a picture of him coaching a little league team, then say something about that. If he mentions his love of eating out at new, exciting restaurants, then mention it and say something about your own foodie discoveries.

Contacting men online will only be as serious or as intimidating as you make it. Rather than approaching the whole process as a life-or-death experience, relax and enjoy the process of meeting some new people in a totally noncommittal manner!