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How to Meet Gay Men Online

Sam Stieler
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Meeting gay men online is extremely easy these days. Plenty of dating sites and web services have popped up over the last couple of years to serve this very purpose. These services are incredibly popular, and their convenience, ease of use and reliability has led many gay men to give up more traditional means of finding new partners in lieu of simply logging on to their favorite digital singles scene.

If you’re looking to make a match, whether for the night or for the long haul, consider checking out one of these sites or services.

1. All-inclusive dating sites.

I just want to quickly mention that many general-purpose dating sites, such as OKCupid, cater to gay singles just as much as they cater to the straight crowd.

The younger the scene on the site, the more likely it’s going to be gay friendly, which means PlentyOfFish is probably a better site to check out than eHarmony.

2. Gay-focused dating sites.

If you want to be able to find attractive, eligible singles without having to wade through countless profiles of men who don’t match your orientation, you better sign up for a gay-only site like PlanetOut or ManHunt.

Just like straight-oriented or general-purpose dating sites, different gay-focused platforms focus on different types of relationships, so pick the one that matches what you’re actually looking for.


“Provided you take precautions, there’s nothing

preventing you from meeting gay men online.”

3. Xtube.

A porn site with a social media twist, Xtube may feature the same professional videos you’ll find everywhere else, but it’s also built up a dedicated following of users who upload their own home movies and personal photos, which other users can rate, rank and even donate money to check out.

Users create accounts that include information about their whereabouts, their likes and dislikes, their current relationship status, and what they’re looking for.

The site is oriented toward singles looking for casual sex, but it also features a surprising number of couples who either met on the site or use it to keep a spark in their relationship.

4. Grindr.

Not quite a website, Grindr primarily functions as a mobile app using your smartphone’s geolocation capabilities in an ingenious way.

When you log on to Grindr, the app will do a quick search and find other users currently near you. The app then gives you pictures of those men, arranged from closest to farthest, and when you click on a photo, you’ll open up that user’s profile.

From there you can send the user a message, a picture or detailed information about your current location. Grindr caters directly to gay men and has earned massive popularity as a highly effective and efficient “hookup” app.

How you actually go about meeting the men you see on these sites depends on how that site works and what you’re looking for. In every instance, it’s a good idea to be honest with all the information you put out there.

Include clear and recent photos of yourself, accurate vital details, explain what your lifestyle actually looks like, and, most importantly, make sure you’re open about what you’re actually looking for.

Provided you take the proper precautions, and provided you aim to just have fun first and foremost, there’s nothing preventing you from having an incredible time meeting other gay men online.