MedProsMeet — An Online Dating Destination Where Healthcare Professionals Turn to Find Compatible Partners Who Share Similar Lifestyles and Worldviews

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MedProsMeet — An Online Dating Destination Where Healthcare Professionals Turn to Find Compatible Partners Who Share Similar Lifestyles and Worldviews

Khaya Caine
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The Short Version: Navigating the modern dating scene can be tough, but for busy professionals in the medical field, finding the time to meet a match can seem downright impossible. That’s why Ryan Williams — a seasoned military and Medical Corps veteran — co-founded On the site, medical professionals can engage and connect with other singles who work in the industry. With an array of tools and resources, including intuitive search functionalities, personal messaging options, and an informative blog, among many other features, MedProsMeet is helping healthcare professionals find each other for friendship and romance.

Military and Medical Corps veteran Ryan Williams said he realized the importance of finding a compatible partner in life when an assistant fell victim to domestic violence.

His assistant, a medical professional, found herself in a relationship with someone who didn’t share her lifestyle, goals, or desire to engage in a loving partnership.

The relationship quickly went south, culminating in a violent encounter that almost cost Ryan’s assistant her life. Thankfully, she survived, but the incident left a lasting impression on Ryan.

He knew firsthand how tough it can be to juggle the demanding schedules of the healthcare profession while trying to find a compatible love interest. So he devised a solution with

“I started MedProsMeet so professionals could meet and be equally yoked with one another,” he said. “I decided to use my military education, training, and pension to benefit an industry that most have forgotten about.”

Photo of the MedProsMeet logo

MedProsMeet was founded to help healthcare professionals find compatible partners.

Since founding MedProsMeet in 2015, Ryan said he’s seen an increase in membership and interest among single professionals all over the world. MedProsMeet is one of the only dating platforms of its kind created by a medical professional who truly understands the toll imposed by extremely long hours and rotating schedules. Ryan believes his forum creates opportunities for love to bloom.

“I don’t think there’s a system that can match you with the perfect mate without you spending some time with that person, but we make it easy for you connect with other medical professionals,” he said. “I want people to find other professionals versus finding someone who needs to be taken care of.”

Security is a high priority at MedProsMeet, which is why the site encrypts all personally identifiable data and employs a strict membership vetting process. The platform also provides users with an informational medical and lifestyle blog and a live forum where members can discuss various topics.

Targeted Search Features Make Finding Real Connections Simple

Ryan told us he’s especially proud of’s comprehensive toolset. Communication features, such as video instant messaging, give users the opportunity to directly connect with a possible match.

Some of the mobile app’s bells and whistles include a hot-or-not speed match function, hot list, real-time notifications, real-time chats, virtual gifts, and the ability to actually see who has viewed your profile.

“I can fly from Dallas to Austin, hit the locator button on my app, and I can see all of the potential matches in the area,” he said. “That gives users the ability to make lasting connections wherever they go.”

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The site’s search features make it simple to find and mingle with other medical professionals.

MedProsMeet members benefit from the site’s targeted and general search functionalities that make it easier to identify compatible matches without leaving out someone who could be a perfect fit.

“Our members are all over the United States, Canada, and, really, everywhere,” Ryan said. “The word is spreading that this is the site where medical professionals are meeting, making a connection, and exploring the possibilities.”

Meeting the Needs of a Community of Smart, Busy Singles

MedProsMeet’s members are looking for more than just a social site. Membership includes access to a live forum where members can discuss topics related to the healthcare industry.

Ryan said the site’s communication tools help members cultivate lasting relationships. However, behind each feature is a commitment to keeping members safe in their quest for love.

“This site includes security features, and all profiles go through a monitored moderation system,” he said. “I have someone who helps out with moderation in the evenings, and I do all of the moderating during the day — so our current members and prospective members are fully covered.”

The MedProsMeet logo and a photo of medical professionals

MedProsMeet was built to cultivate community and relationships for healthcare workers. is free to join, and singles are encouraged to create a professional profile or download the app through Android or iOS. Members can also register using their Facebook account.

The site currently offers several membership packages and members-only promotions. VIP memberships start at $9.99 per month provide access to all of the site’s features, including real-time chat and the ability to send and receive private messages.

Members can also upload photo galleries to their profiles, send winks, virtual gifts, and enjoy a plethora of members-only benefits. Ryan told us valuing members’ time is what has made MedProsMeet stand out from the crowd.

“We respect our members and know their time is precious,” he said. “We’ve worked hard to create a database of quality men and women interested in connecting, networking, and dating those in the medical field just like you.”

A Blog Broadcasting Tips That Engage Medical-Minded Daters

MedProsMeet prides itself on being a full-service site for medical professionals and the people interested in having meaningful relationships with them. Ryan said he’s proud of the content the site offers its members, especially the MedProsMeet Blog.

He works tirelessly to ensure the blog consistently provides healthcare professionals with information that speaks to both their relationship and professional goals.

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The site’s blog delivers great information and also houses a forum where singles can socialize.

The blog addresses the challenges of dating healthcare professionals whose work can often strain their relationships, but that’s not all. Topics vary widely and include discussions on everything from long-distance dating to being single during the holidays and dating as a single parent.

What all MedProsMeet blog posts have in common, however, is that they’re engaging and appeal to members’ desire for community support.

MedProsMeet also has a broad presence on social media and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The Future of MedProsMeet: Expanded Offerings and Events to Help Romance Bloom

Ryan is passionate about the lives he’s enhancing through MedProsMeet. Thanks to his years of military service and work as a healthcare professional, he knows it’s only a matter of time before he expands MedProMeet’s power of influence — whether it’s through partnerships or expanding the company’s events. He’s got some major goals in motion for the next few years.

“I’m trying to partner up and get some larger corporations to come on board,” he said. “So far, word of mouth is what has been most successful for us. But we are open to other professionals as well.”

What makes MedProsMeet so special is the fact that Ryan just wants to help people — and specifically those who have made a career out of helping others. He wants medical professionals to know the site is open to all types of lovers — whether it be the LGBT community or those seeking heterosexual relationships.

“For me, it’s not about getting rich — it’s about helping this industry that has been forgotten,” he said. “People get sick, they go to the hospital, and they don’t care about the employees. They don’t understand the people taking care of them aren’t getting rich. They work long hours and alternate weekends and holidays. I just want to help the singles who are having issues finding a mate.”