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Your Online Dating Checklist for the New Year

Julie Spira
Julie Spira Updated:
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By now, most singles have been receiving numerous emails from online dating sites to encourage them to sign up in January, known as the busiest time of the year.

For many, holiday romances fizzled or they found themselves flying solo on New Year’s.

Still with snowstorms and chilly weather in some locales, singles are looking to snuggle up as we head into the love cycle leading into Valentine’s Day.

Here are some ways to get noticed as one in 40 million:

1. Use a recent photo.

Look at some photos on Facebook and find ones that are recent where you’re smiling.

2. Ditch selfies.

Nix any selfies as studies show the reply rate is lower.

3. Avoid clichés.

Dump the clichés of beach walks, work hard and play hard and looking for your soul mate.

4. Be specific.

Be specific in what you enjoy doing. Everyone wants to laugh and go to the movies, but did watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” make you laugh? If so, add it to your profile.

5. Don’t make it all about you.

Let your date know what life would be like if you were on a date together and list things you’d enjoy doing as a couple.

6. Don’t focus on your job.

For the ladies, leave the boardroom out of the profile. Talk about what you like about your work, but let your feminine energy show.

Otherwise, the guys can just hang out and grab a beer with guys instead of wanting a date with you.

“Writing a novel about your

life just won’t get read.”

7. Keep it short.

Make sure your bio section only contains 100 to 150 words.

It also sends a message that you might be a high drama person, definitely a turn-off to a potential date or mate.

Remember, you need to leave something for the phone conversation or first date. Dating is a fun process, not a race to the finish line.

8. Ask questions in your profile.

This allows your potential date to start engaging with you and brings personality to your profile.

Mention a place you’d like to visit and simply ask, “Have you ever been there?”

9. Keep your profile updated.

Update your profile weekly to increase your chances of showing up in a search. If you post daily on Facebook to have a fresh page, you shouldn’t have a stagnant profile.

10. Get organized.

Online dating can be overwhelming if you’re sending and receiving dozens and dozens of emails every day.

I recommend creating an excel spreadsheet to jot down details of your date, so when he or she calls, you’re prepared and don’t seem like a serial dater.

If you need some hand-holding and are feeling overwhelmed, let me know how I can help you find love online in 2014.