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Filling Out Your Profile? Make Sure You Do This.

Gina Stewart
Gina Stewart Updated:
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One of the most important tips I can give both new and veteran online daters is to fill out an answer to every section of their online dating profile.

The reasons you leave a question blank may be because you don’t  feel that strongly about the topic, you don’t know what you want to put down or the choices don’t reflect exactly how you feel, so you exercise your right to not answer.

There is a very strong reason why I advocate for filling in as much as you possibly can and it has to do with understanding how your fellow daters use dating sites.

One of the most appealing things about online dating is the idea that you can go online and find exactly the person who matches up to all the things that you find important.

The ability to search out those who match your standards and discard people that don’t is what makes online dating an very appealing option over meeting someone at a bar, singles mixer or any other venue.

It’s the idea that more information makes us better choosers.

Whether or not this is the right mentality can be argued back and forth.

Regardless of if online dating is the best avenue to meet someone; the reality is that wealth of information on a profile is why many people seek out doing online dating.

When those people go online to find their match, they enter the search window and start selecting the criteria important to them. They may select a lot of them.

Did you read that? They often select a lot of criteria to plug into the search engine.

It runs the gambit of combinations among kids, religion, diet, exercise, politics, income, height hair color, body type and nearly every possible option.

“Daters have a specific and magical

combination of what their match looks like.”

When that list populates, they look over the matches who meet their standards. The problem for you is if you have neglected to answer any single one of those portions of your profile, you are not going to show up in their search results.

Fill out every part of the profile.

When you don’t show up in searches, you do not get clicked on.

When you don’t get clicked on you don’t get emails. No emails mean you will not get any dates.

It is this huge slippery snow ball effect that can be easily avoided if you just make sure you answer everything.

You want to show up in as many searches as possible, it’s step one to successful online dating.

Choose the best answer you can. You can always change it later, and changing it may even put you in the search results of a new love interest.

Remember, you are never married to anything in your profile and you can, and should, change it often.

Do you list a lot of criteria when you search for matches?