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5 Reasons to Use an Online Dating Photographer

Hayley Matthews
Hayley Matthews Posted:
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On average, online daters spend only 58 to 84 seconds looking at a profile before they decide to pass or like. A majority of what they’re looking at are the photos, so one blurry bathroom selfie is all it takes to ruin your chances of meeting that special someone.

A quick and easy solution is to hire a photographer who specializes in online dating profile photos and can take all the pressure off you and your smartphone. Here are several reasons, including scientific proof, for why it’s worth at least considering.

1. You’ll Get Better Results

Studies show late-afternoon photos get more likes as well as medium-sized photos showing most of the person’s body. In terms of color, red appears to be the most popular.

Online dating photographers can make sure you get these kinds of photos in your arsenal. They know this industry inside and out. Some companies we like include Hey Saturday, Online Profile Pros, and Look Better Online. One good reason to get professional photos shot, according to the team at LookBetterOnline, is that they can help you attract 4x more attention to your profile.

2. He or She is More Experienced Than Your Friends

Online Profile Pros has been around since 2002 and has photographers, image consultants, and dating profile writers in more than 1,000 cities across the US and Canada. LookBetterOnline, which started out in 2003, has had more than 12,000 photo shoots and has a 99% customer satisfaction rating. HeySaturday schedules 60 to 70 photo shoots a month and has helped more than 2,000 singles improve their online dating presence since its launch in 2017.

These are the kinds of histories and numbers you’re looking at if you hire an online dating photographer. Pretty sure most of your friends can’t say that, right?

Photo of a woman taking a photo

Most online dating photographers have been in the industry for years, and some have even gone to school to perfect their skills.

Not to mention professional photographers can work around your schedule and are objective telling you what you need to hear — and not what you want to hear — to capture you in the most attractive light. They can bring out the best in you, and they can make you look really good without looking too Photoshopped.

3. Sessions are Quick (Usually an Hour)

Professional online dating photographers don’t need very long to get you the photos you want. Photo shoots only take up about an hour of your time, but you’ll see positive online dating results for months and months to come. You can do a shoot on a weekend afternoon or even during your lunch break one day. Plus, most shoots are held in town, so you won’t have to drive too far out of your way.

4. You Get Dozens of Options

The photography companies we mentioned above hold photo shoots in all kinds of settings — green fields, snowy hills, sunny beaches, etc. Once they get to know you, they can come up with a photo shoot that’ll match your personality. You can add props, like a basketball if you play, or you can be doing something active like riding a horse if that’s your hobby. Get creative with it!

Photo of someone looking at a bunch of photos

Online dating photographers allow you to change outfits, try various poses, and things like that.

You’ll also have the option to change your outfit once or twice to show off your style. You may want to wear a bright-colored shirt to bring out the color of your eyes in your portrait photo. Then maybe you can change into a knee-length dress or shorts to show off your legs in your full-body photo. The possibilities really are endless, and the photographers will do whatever you’re comfortable with.

5. You’ll Gain Confidence

Plenty of studies and articles show that investing in a professional photo shoot and liking the photos that come out of it can build self-esteem and increase confidence. Getting an outsider’s perspective (in this case, the photographer), can allow you to see yourself in a whole new light. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about yourself (which a lot of us tend to do every day), you’ll learn that your so-called flaws are actually what make you special. Sounds corny, but it’s true.

Time to Say Cheese!

We’ll admit that some online dating photographers can be on the pricier side, but if you’ve got some money to spare, why not do it? Or you can ask for a professional photo shoot for a birthday, graduation, new job/house, or Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/holiday present. Professional photographers are also definitely worth looking into if you’ve been online dating for a while and still haven’t met your ideal match.