I Want to Meet a Nice Man. Where are the Best Places to Do This?

Brian Rzepczynski
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Reader Question:

I am a senior male (68) and a virgin in the gay community. For several years now, I have dreamed of having my virginity taken.

How and where are the best places to meet for this encounter? I want to meet a nice, kind and gentle man.

-Ray (Washington)

Brian Rzepczynski’s Answer:

Hi Ray!

While sex is plentiful for gay men online, at bathhouses and with escorts, these settings can be fraught with risk. The first time should be special and shared with someone who will be caring and respectful.

Therefore, in addition to reading books on gay sexuality and safer sex practices to help prepare you for what’s to come, I advocate spending more energy seeking compatible dating partners where sexuality will be a natural expression of how you feel about each other with someone who wants to be with you for you.

This makes for the hottest sex and an amazing first time that will certainly hold a great memory for you. All the best!

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