I’m Nervous About Posting Pics. Can I Still Get Quality Dates?

Brian Rzepczynski
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Reader Question:

I’m always nervous about putting my pics on gay dating sites. Can I still get quality dates with other guys without the pics?

-Greg (Ohio)

Brian Rzepczynski’s Answer:

Hi Greg!

In today’s digital age, and with most men being primed for the visual, not having a photo of yourself on an online dating profile could be a significant disadvantage and negatively impact your dating opportunities in the online venue.

You might get a few hits here or there if your text reads well, but many guys are suspicious of profiles without pictures and will pass by your ad without even reading what you have to say.

You could potentially be missing out on some compatible matches. I can appreciate your need for privacy and if it’s something you’re really not comfortable doing, you may want to pursue other dating venues instead or use the lock features that some personals sites have to keep your photos concealed until you choose to show them to someone.

It’s a competitive dating market out there, and you’ve got to do what you can to be authentic and stand out from the pack, but only with what you’re comfortable doing. All the best!

Dr. Brian

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