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10 Best Senior Dating Experts for 2024

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Single people in their 50s and beyond make up a unique portion of the dating field. Separated from other dating demographics by their distinct dating goals and ways of navigating romance, senior singles have a lot to enjoy in the dating field. Seniors can have a dating experience removed from some of the concerns their younger single counterparts face, like the pressure to make big commitments or know if they want kids. 

Dating in the Golden Years can be a transformative, exciting, and – most importantly – fun experience. Since many seniors are done with the days of juggling careers and raising families, many have the time and energy needed to lead a robust dating life. These senior dating experts bring the most relevant tips, advice, and resources for senior men and women who are playing the field. 

Eddy Baller | Lisa Copeland | Susan Winter | Ella Scaduto | Karla Moore | Shauna Harris | Deb Dutcher | April Braswell | Betty Russell | David Wygant 

Eddy Baller wasn’t always the dating expert he is today. Before his own journey of personal development, Eddy was struggling with relationships of all kinds. He didn’t feel connected to his friends, and he was frustrated by the lack of romantic options in his life. Eddy felt like he was trying his best to attract the kind of people and things he wanted in his life, yet he was reaping no benefits.

Then Eddy realized that he had some personal, emotional issues to attend to if he wanted to attain the life he desired. He decided to take action and sought the advice of coaches and mentors. Now, Eddy helps other men tap into their full potential to create healthier friendships and romantic relationships. He’s been in the business for over 20 years and has an eclectic mix of professional and personal experience that makes him an invaluable resource for his clients.

Best for: Senior Men Searching For Their Full Potential

Lisa Copeland helps women over 50 find the love they’ve been looking for with Find A Quality Man. Lisa was once a single woman in her 50s, and she knows that it’s not an easy position to be in. Dating later in life comes with a whole different set of challenges, including kids, families, and the pain of past long-term relationships. Many older women also feel that they are reentering a dating scene completely unrecognizable to them.

Lisa helps senior women build a healthy outlook and boost their confidence. She gives them the tools they need through her blog, personal coaching, and online programs to adjust to dating as older women Many single people experience a sense of fear that they’re going to be alone forever. Lisa guides her clients through and away from this fear into the fullness of dating over 50.

Best for: Positive Advice for Senior Women

Susan Winter is reimagining the senior dating world, specifically for older women. Susan is an internationally recognized relationship expert and bestselling author. She specializes in speaking about and coaching cutting-edge partnership models and focuses on fostering self-esteem and personal empowerment in her clients. Susan said she believes every person is already bestowed with the inner power they need to lead self-actualized lives.

Susan offers one-on-one coaching, where she takes an intuitive thought-based approach. She offers one-day intensives for single people looking to make impactful changes in their romantic and emotional lives. The intensive workshop digs deep into the client’s dating challenges, questions, and concerns. Susan spends the day guiding her clients through breakdowns and toward breakthroughs.

Best for: Senior Women Seeking Empowerment

Ella Scaduto is the founder of Smoky Matchmaker, a leading matchmaking and dating coaching service in Tennessee. Ella is a Certified Matchmaker and Dating Coach, as well as a frequent contributor to top dating advice outlets. She established Smoky Matchmaker in 2016 in Florida but decided to move her services to East Tennessee to serve singles in the area.

Ella and Smoky Matchmaker offer old-fashioned matchmaking, a dating masterclass for men, and regularly organized singles events. Ella and her team help prospective clients decide which service would best suit them. The Dating Masterclass for Men is a stellar option for senior single men who are reentering the dating field and want some guidance. The class covers confidence, dating skills, and more.

Best for: Dating Advice & Matchmaking Expertise Combo

Karla Moore helps singles who feel like they’ve been searching for love for too long not to have found the right fit. Karla focuses on her clients and helps them achieve what they’re looking for from a relationship. She helps them open up their minds to new ways of viewing their love lives and then guides them in applying this new perspective to future relationships.

Karla’s philosophy is that people need to heal before they can fully pursue dating. Whether it’s addressing and moving on from the pain of past relationships or coming to terms with another kind of heartbreak, people who face their struggles have the most success when they enter dating with confidence and certainty. Karla is a one-stop shop for dating advice and offers one-on-one coaching, matchmaking, and online dating expertise.

Best for: A Fresh Perspective on Dating

Shauna Harris is an educator, intimacy coach, and Certified Clinical Sexologist with the mission of helping people elevate their relationships and lead incredible sex lives. Shauna has been fascinated with health and the workings of the body since she was young, and throughout her formal education, she was introduced to Human Sexuality. Her sexology practice is geared toward people interested in feeling safer and more comfortable expressing themselves.

As we age, the role sex plays in our lives changes. Beyond just the physical body or appearance, the emotions and thoughts we hold around sex drastically change with age. Senior singles may need some professional support when it comes to their sexuality and sex lives. Some singles may be exploring an aspect of their sexuality they never have before, while others may just need someone to talk to.

Best for: Seniors With Sex Questions

Deb Dutcher is the dating coach for single boomer women who are trying to get into online dating. Deb’s service, called Finding Mr. Adorable, focuses on giving senior women the tools they need to enjoy dating and find a quality partner. Online dating can be a nerve-wracking and confusing endeavor for some seniors, and Deb has resources made specifically for them.

Deb and Finding Mr. Adorable help clients become savvy, prepared, and aware of online dating. There is a lot of ground to cover in coaching for singles who have never used dating sites or apps, from creating an attractive profile to identifying scams. Succeeding in online dating isn’t possible without knowledge of each platform’s nuances.

Best for: Senior Women Wanting to Date Online

April Braswell is known as America’s Midlife Dating Mentor, and she’s an expert in all things older daters face. As a mentor and coach, April is warm, compassionate, and humorous. She offers personalized coaching, internet dating workshops, and podcasts that address many topics within the dating realm. She focuses on the topics that single folks in midlife need to know, like balancing relationships with friends and family while dating and finding other singles in the same phase of life. 

April offers resources of all types for senior daters. Single people can choose a resource based on what they’re looking for from April. If a prospective client doesn’t require intensive coaching sessions, they can ask April a question or two about dating. This option is perfect for people who feel confident dating but may need advice in one area. 

Best for: Singles In Their 50s

Betty Russell is the authority behind Relationship Elements, and she’s putting the fun and excitement back into dating. Betty is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in dating and relationships. She also has personal experience with heartbreak and overcoming it. She was married with two children and leading a successful career when she found herself suddenly single. It felt like everything was crashing down around her, and she needed guidance to make it through.

Since her own journey, Betty has made it her professional goal to help single people find their ideal partner. Betty goes beyond giving single people tips for meeting attractive people or stepping up their flirting game. She also focuses on making dating an enjoyable experience. She teaches her clients to have fun and enjoy the wild ride that is dating.

Best for: Making Dating Fun Again

David Wygant is a no-nonsense dating coach and relationship expert who’s been in the business for over 20 years. David’s voice has reached millions of single people trying to navigate the world in a more fulfilling way. He helps his clients deal with family relationships, balance friendships, tackle workplace concerns, and become the kind of person they want to attract. When it comes to romance, David shows his clients how to unlock their heart’s true desires and full potential.

David’s first priority is affecting real change in his client’s lives, and he’ll use brutal honesty if it’s necessary to achieve that. He wants single men and women to find and connect with their soul mates and enjoy the physical, emotional, and spiritual connection that comes along with that. David values fast action and encourages his clients to take charge of their romantic lives.

Best for: No-Nonsense Advice for Senior Men

Seniors have it figured out in many aspects of their romantic lives, but a little bit of professional help can be useful for any dater. While senior singles playing the dating field often have a lot of fun, challenges can and do come up. Common problems for senior daters include learning the ins and outs of online dating and internet etiquette, along with handling the emotions that may come with dating again after the death of a spouse.

These senior dating experts make it easy for knowledge-seekers to find great resources. Senior dating advice and tips — whether it’s from a blog, informational video, or online course — help add a new perspective to a single person’s experience. Seniors have so much possibility to enjoy dating again, and these experts make it all the more accessible.