Study: Women Gain 7 Pounds, Men Lose 4 in First Year of Relationship

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The average women gains 7 pounds in the first year of a relationship while the average man loses 4, a new study finds.

The report, which was conducted by online pharmacy UKMedix, suggests many women experience this due to an increase in their own happiness.

Only 16 percent of the women surveyed indicated losing weight in the first 12 months of their current relationship, and most claimed to have been at their happiest and thinnest while single.

Men, on the other hand, were found to often lose body weight once they’re off the market, dropping an average of 4.1 pounds in the first year.

Nearly one-third of the group indicated no change in their waistline during that period.

When asked how they would explain the adjustment, many women admitted feeling happy enough to feel more comfortable with the added weight.

“Half of women who gained weight

pegged their partner’s diet as the culprit.”

However, nearly 50 percent of the women who gained weight pegged their partner’s contagious diet as the culprit. This excuse was also mentioned by men explaining their weight loss during the same year.

Almost one-fourth of those who gained weight indicated that times of unhappiness had led to their eating more.

Additionally, 71 percent agreed a person’s happiness can have a direct impact on their figure.

“It seems that our frame of mind has a huge impact on our weight,” said study author Sarah Bailey. “And although men seem to lose weight when in a happy relationship, the average woman will gain half a stone.”

“It was incredibly interesting to see just what effect happiness has on our weight, and it seems that unhappiness often equals weight loss among women,” she said. “As long as you’re a healthy weight though, this shouldn’t be anything to worry about – happiness can give you a huge health boost and is probably more important than squeezing in your jeans.”

Source: dailymail.co.uk. Photo source: ionehellobeautiful.wordpress.com