Type 1 Diabetes Negatively Affects Relationships, Study Shows

C. Price
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Like many other people suffering from a long-term illness, type 1 diabetics find their condition often affects their relationships.

According to a new study from The State University of New York and Brigham Young University, type 1 diabetes not only negatively impacts patients who suffer from the illness, it also negatively impacts a patient’s partner, both of whom feel fear and uncertainty related to the condition.


“Type 1 diabetes negatively impacts

patients and their partners.”

Researchers conducted four focus groups, two filled with diabetics and two filled with partners of diabetics, and asked participants about the emotional and interpersonal challenges diabetes creates within themselves and their relationships.

Even though the level of involvement between patients and their partners varied, both groups felt diabetes strongly impacted their lives and their relationship in both positive and negative ways.

Both patients and partners felt tremendous anxiety surrounding the condition and potential problems that may emerge from the condition, but patients also expressed positive emotions surrounding the support they received from their partners.

Source: Healio.com. Photo source: compassionatesolutions.ca.