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10 Best LGBTQ Matchmakers for 2024

Chloë Hylkema

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Traditional matchmaking tends to be an intensely heteronormative field. Generally speaking, old-school matchmakers only take on men as clients and keep large databases of eligible women. The scene has changed a lot to keep up with a more modern approach to dating, and many agencies are moving away from the strict confines of traditional matchmaking.

Luckily, LGBTQ+ matchmakers have been matching singles for years and have infused progressive matchmaking approaches since their inception.

These LGBTQ matchmakers understand the unique experiences and perspectives of queer daters and why they need services that see them and their identities in their fullness. They have honed their approaches to make introductions that work for LGBTQ daters who are ready for loving partnership.

R. Tony Smith | Daphney Poyser | Nick Papadopoulos | Carol Sugar-Burke | Nick Bradford | Juliette Prais | Jacqueline Burns | Talia Goldstein | Dr. Frankie Bashan | Amari Ice

R. Tony Smith, otherwise known as Denver’s Cupid, is the founder and owner of the matchmaking firm by the same name. Denver’s Cupid offers executive matchmaking for exceptional LGBTQ singles in the Denver area and beyond. The agency does local, national, and international matchmaking for singles, along with in-person social and speed dating events.

R. Tony is passionate about human connection and the art of matchmaking. He’s a 20-year resident of Denver, so he has the robust personal and professional network that singles should look for in a matchmaker. Denver’s Cupid focuses on bringing the fun back into dating and gives singles the support they need to enjoy the journey.

Best for: Colorado Singles

Daphney Poyser is the CEO of Fern Connections, a nationwide matchmaking service for LGBTQIA+ singles and allies. Daphney is a Certified Matchmaker and Certified Date & Relationship Coach who is passionate about making great matches for the LGBTQ+ community. Daphney founded Fern Connections in 2020 after realizing the matchmaking space was in desperate need of a specialty LGBTQ+ service.

Fern Connections is a matchmaking agency committed to connecting LGBTQ community members through matchmaking, events, date coaching, date planning, and more. Daphney and her team are focused on creating an inclusive space where daters of diverse identities can find fun dates and amazing partners.

Best for: Queer Texans

Nick Papadopoulos is the Senior Executive Matchmaker at Gayquation, one of the world’s most established gay matchmakers. Gayquation blends traditional matchmaking with modern dating and offers gay men a matchmaking service designed specifically for them. Gayquation is celebrating 17 years of matchmaking for gay singles.

Nick has over two decades of matchmaking experience and has been with Gayquation since 2006. He has an 81% success rate and is passionate about connecting gay men for fulfilling relationships. Nick’s matchmaking approach incorporates the idea that love can be found in unexpected places, and he helps his clients remain open-minded and optimistic about the process.

Best for: Trademarked Specialized Approach for Gay Men

Carol Sugar-Burke is the executive matchmaker for Bespoke Matchmaking. Before entering matchmaking, Carol worked in the corporate world and did some casual matchmaking for friends and associates on the side. After Carol realized her passion was serving people and improving their relationships, she dove into the dating world and worked for dating services geared toward lesbian, gay, and bisexual singles.

Carol does local, national, and international matchmaking for the LGBTQ+ community and gets to know each of her clients personally. She approaches matchmaking with intuition, experience, sensitivity, and compassion, getting to know what each client is yearning for in a life partner.

Best for: International Matchmaking

Nick Bradford is the owner and matchmaker for ManMate, a gay dating service established in 1985. ManMate is one of the most established gay matchmaking services in the country and continues to serve clients who are ready to meet their special person. Nick and his team of matchmakers support each client as they navigate new introductions and exciting second dates.

ManMate is the largest personalized gay dating service in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and is a great alternative for men who want to get off dating apps and on dates. Nick spends time with each client to learn about their past experiences and what they’re looking for from the matchmaking process.

Best for: Gay Men in NYC

Juliette Prais is the founder of Pink Lobster Dating, a matchmaking service designed for women who like women. Juliette co-founded Pink Lobster with her wife and business partner, Emma Ziff. Together, the wife and wife powerhouse support clients throughout their dating journeys with matchmaking, coaching, counseling, and holistic treatments.

Juliette is a dating expert and has a professional background in counseling, lecturing, and training. She works closely with Pink Lobster staff members to give them the information and resources they need to meet the needs of lesbian and bisexual women. Pink Lobster is a robust dating and wellness resource designed with queer women in mind.

Best for: Lesbians and Bisexual Women

Jacqueline Burns founded The Echelon Scene, a gay dating and matchmaking company based in London. Jacqueline has been a matchmaker for nearly a decade and has spent most of her career working with the LGBTQ+ community, specifically gay communities in London.

Jacqueline’s eclectic background includes a postgraduate degree in psychology, where she researched gay relationships and matchmaking. Her study included conducting interviews with 80 gay men and investigating relationship longevity. Jacqueline’s unique educational and professional background gives her a singular perspective on the gay dating scene in London and beyond.

Best for: Gay Men in London

Talia Goldstein is the president of Three Day Rule, a matchmaking service designed for modern daters. Talia added LGBTQ+ matchmaking to Three Day Rule’s services when she realized the community had a real need for a matchmaking service. Three Day Rule has matchmakers who identify as LGBTQ+, so clients can know they’ll be working with someone who understands their outlook.

Matchmaking with Three Day Rule is focused on connecting people who have an emotional spark. Talia and her team of matchmakers go deep with each client to understand their background, experiences, and hopes for a relationship. Talia’s extensive nationwide database includes wonderful singles who are open to new experiences.

Best for: Nationwide Matchmaking

Dr. Frankie Bashan is an LGBTQ+ matchmaker and the founder of Little Gay Book, a matchmaking service for queer singles established in 2009. Dr. Frankie is passionate about connecting wonderful humans for fulfilling relationships and works with clients with a diverse range of backgrounds. In addition to being a matchmaker, Dr. Frankie is also a sex therapist and integrates holistic and pleasure-based approaches into her introductions.

Little Gay Book exclusively serves the LGBTQIA+ community and hosts community events, as well as matchmaking and coaching services. Dr. Frankie’s matchmaking approach is built on her belief that everyone can have the passionate and secure love they deserve and that she can help them find it.

Best for: Matchmaking & Coaching Services

Amari Ice


Amari Ice helps gay men level up their love lives. Amari is a gay love coach, hypnotherapist, and matchmaker who helps singles and couples master dating and relationship skills. Amari takes a multidimensional approach to every service he offers, combining his background in personality psychology, interpersonal communication, and romantic branding.

Amari supports his matchmaking clients with coaching and focuses on teaching them the skills they need to build confidence, form healthy attachments, and get out of their own ways. Amari Means Love is Amari’s romantic education, coaching, and consulting company, which is an invaluable resource for gay men who want to get serious about romance.

Best for: Black Gay Men

Choosing the right matchmaker starts with knowing what you’re looking for from the dating experience. Matchmakers are right for singles looking for long-term relationships and who are ready to do the work serious partnerships require.

Matchmakers help clients find dates and discover what they’re looking for. Matchmaking may expedite the dating process, but it doesn’t make it stop being that — a process. With a matchmaker, singles always have someone to turn to with questions, concerns, and complaints about romance.

Matchmakers who specialize in matching LGBTQ+ clients should be the first choice for queer daters who want to try out matchmaking. These matchmakers not only understand the unique perspective many LGBTQ+ singles bring, but excitedly embrace it.