Got Your Tax Return Heres The Best Way To Spend It

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Got Your Tax Return? Here’s the Best Way to Spend it

April Braswell
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Once you filed your tax return and calculated you’d be getting a refund, it’s fun to start planning how you will spend it.

Sure, sock some of it aside into savings, but one great place to invest it in is yourself and your romantic life. Spend some of your tax refund on your date!

I’m not suggesting you spend it all on a first date with someone who is still a complete stranger.

However, once you have met someone who is special to you and you two have had a few dates together, it’s worth investing a little extra money into some more interesting and unusual dates.

Without breaking the bank, you can spend some of your tax refund on some fun date ideas in order to start building some marvelous memories with each other.

1. Take a cooking class together.

Some restaurants of the more unusual faire offer cooking classes. Check with some of your favorite ethnic restaurants that offer food you two don’t make at home but which you love.

Learning how to prepare some of their dishes in your own kitchen is fun and delicious.


“It’s worth investing a little extra money

into some more interesting dates.”

2. Sign up for a dance class together.

Take a new dance class together. Some classes might offer a mix of ballroom dancing or some might stick exclusively to one dance style.

Commit to the dance class together and go ahead and spend some of your tax refund on getting good dance shoes. Have fun learning a new dance in each others’ arms!

3. Take a weekend road trip together.

Plunk down some of your tax refund on getting a beautiful room while on a road trip with each other.

Check out the bed and breakfast options or an inn. Select a slightly romantic destination that isn’t quite a honeymoon location.

You want to foster a simple spring romance here, not be too heavy handed with overly strong expectations early on in your relationship.

Readers, which option appeals to you the most and why?

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