How To Make Lesbian Dating Fun

Lesbian Dating

How to Make Lesbian Dating Fun

Mary Gorham Malia
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Lesbians ask me all the time how to know if a date went well.

What should they be looking for when they are out on a date? And when should they ask her out again?

They have so many questions, right? They also have so much confusion about what dating is about.

Lesbians get really uptight about dating because it feels like such an important and powerful event.

I have had women tell me they are not able to eat, breathe or think for days before going on a date. I have to wonder what is causing this?

Dating, in its initial stages, is pretty simple. Stop complicating it.

Here is what you want to ask yourself:

1. Did you have fun?

2. Did you feel safe?

3. Was she interesting enough that you want to see her again?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions, then another date is a must. If you answered no to any one of these questions, then you should probably not go on another date.

When you can answer yes to all three questions, the next step is to go ahead and ask her out again. Hopefully, she had the same experience.

If you are the woman who comes close to throwing up while out on a date, you might want to take ownership for being really nervous.

You can send her an email or a text after the date and own your nervousness. Tell her your nervousness was not about her. Tell her it is just a silly thing you do.

It is a sure bet that she noticed your nervousness. Depending on how it looked, you do not want her to think it is because of her, especially if you want to see her again.

“All you need for a great first date is fun,

safety and an interesting woman.”

Let me repeat this important point:

A date should leave you feeling safe and should be fun and interesting enough to get you to see her again.

That is just how simple a date should be. This should always be the case, especially for the first, second and third dates.

You do not need to make things complicated. I know lesbians love to complicate everything, but I want you to see it can be this simple.

When things are simple, fun, safe and interesting, a second date can easily happen again. The second date should be just like a first – fun, safe and interesting.

Do you see the pattern here?

The initial stages of dating should be kept on the simple side. Do not blow a first date up into a big romantic night or weekend.

It is too much pressure on both of you. If one of you does not have fun, then the other one may feel taken advantage of, and that will not help you start a great relationship.

This “make it fun” tip is brought to you by a lesbian who has been in this situation and made dating too complicated in the past.

All you need for a great first date is fun, safety and an interesting woman to show up. If you can be that for her, your dating life will rock.

Have you ever made dating too complicated? Do you get nervous on first dates? How do you overcome that nervous feeling?

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