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16 Best Places to Find a Lesbian Chat Room

Hayley Matthews
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Online chat rooms have come a long way from the days of AOL, especially beyond just text. From webcams to phone chat, there are a variety of ways to get to know gay girls online — you’ve just got to find the right place first. Luckily, we’ve taken care of that part.

Taking popularity, features, and pricing into consideration, here are the 16 Best Places to Find a Lesbian Chat Room. (FYI: These places are also welcoming of bisexual women.) Below we’ve broken the list into separate sections, so you can easily find what you’re looking for:

13 Best Online Lesbian Chat Rooms

The best and quickest way to start talking to a lesbian online is to go to a website made specifically for chatting. Below we have the top 13 lesbian chatrooms, which we’ve conveniently categorized by free, general, video chat, phone chat, and sex chat.

Free Lesbian Chat Rooms

If you’re looking for a lesbian chat room that comes with a lot of cool features and won’t break the bank, you’ll love this list.

While Chat-Avenue is one of the most popular free chat rooms (with hundreds of thousands of users), 321chat has a lot of fun features and tools like emoticons and exclusive sections based on demographic.

1. 321Chat.com

Screenshot of the 321Chat homepage

321Chat and Chat-Avenue have millions of users and are some of the best free chat rooms one the web.

2. Talk With Stranger

Talk With Stranger has rooms specifically for gay and bisexual ladies, so you won’t have to waste time sorting through profiles.

3. Random Video Chatting

If you want to actually see and hear the hot girl you’re talking to, we recommend Random Video Chatting. It’s 100% free, and it has thousands of users for you to interact with.

General Chat Rooms for Lesbians

These are some of the largest chat rooms on the web, so quantity is on your side no matter which one you choose.

For lesbian women who want to ensure that they meet like-minded ladies, InstaChatRooms is a great option because it has a variety of topic-specific chat rooms to choose from (including video games, music, and politics). For the more adventurous type, go for ChatUniverse, which has a Roulette Chat feature.

4. ChatFamily.com

5. InstaChatRooms.com

6. ChatUniverse.net

7. ChatHour.com

Sites For Lesbian Video Chat

We can’t all be Shakespeare, which is where video chat comes in handy. Showcase the real you and get your live lesbian chat on with MyFreeCams and StreamCams. We recommend MyFreeCams if you’re new to the video chat scene, and StreamCams if you’ve got a specific niche in mind, like curvy, red-heads, or even housewives.

8. MyFreeCams.com

9. StreamCams.com

Sites For Lesbian Phone Chat

If you love the mystery of hearing someone’s voice without being able to see them, that’s what these lesbian chatlines provide. Give LavenderLine a try if friendship, dating or a relationship are one of your goals. Give TheSystem a try if a more casual encounter is up your alley.

10. LavenderLine.net

11. TheSystem.us

Screenshot of LavenderLine.com

LavenderLine and TheSystem are some of the best sites for having a lesbian phone chat.

Sites For Lesbian Sex Chat

When you want to take your online interactions to the next level, check out 12Chats or the aptly-named SexChatSexChat. They both allow you to search by a variety of fetishes and even offer free and/or live lesbian sex chat.

12. 12Chats.com

13. SexChatSexChat.com

3 Best Lesbian Chat Room Apps

Most of us are on our phones constantly, so these lesbian chat room apps make it even easier for you to strike up a conversation. We love Her’s fun and hip atmosphere, but we also love Moovz’s sleek design — you decide which one is best for you.

1. Her

2. Moovz

3. Gay & Lesbian Chat

Final Thoughts

With so many different types of lesbian chat rooms out there, you now have the opportunity to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and any way you want. Whether you want to find new friends, a hookup, a date, or a relationship, one or more of the chat rooms or apps on this list are sure to meet needs.