Lesbian Dating Doesnt Have To Be So Discouraging

Lesbian Dating

Lesbian Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Discouraging

Mary Gorham Malia
Mary Gorham Malia Updated:
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It’s the new year again. You’re still single. You’re discouraged. You’re done with online dating. You don’t go to clubs or bars. You hate parties and can’t stand potluck suppers. Your social scene consists of you, your three dogs and a couple of good lesbian friends who are a couple.

Good gracious, what’s a lesbian going to do if this represents the choices you’ve been making about dating and finding love?

First, let me agree with you.

Dating is discouraging. It gets old asking and answering the same questions over and over. Oh yeah, and that’s if you can even score a date right?

What if you knew you couldn’t fail? What if an angel appeared out of nowhere and told you that on date #101 you would meet the perfect lesbian for you?

Well, what would you do? And what would you do differently?

A really smart and savvy lesbian would get busy getting through the 100 dates to get to date #101.

That same smart and savvy lesbian would also enjoy each and every one of those 100 dates knowing her prize, Miss Right for Me, would definitely be there when she rounds the corner to date #101.


“If you won’t quit on dating, you will

find fun showing up in your life.”

Here’s the deal my smart, sexy, savvy lesbian friends.

The woman you are looking for is out there, and she’s looking for you. If you keep quitting on dating, how are you ever going to meet her?

Dating is discouraging in the short term, but in the long term, it is deeply rewarding. If you just won’t quit, you’ll find her and she’ll find you.

Am I an angel from heaven saying Miss Right for You will be there on date #101? No, I’m not making that promise.

What I do promise is if you won’t quit on dating, you will find fun showing up in your life. You’ll have a lot of laughs. And eventually you’ll find love and relationships.

Join me this year and take a new approach to dating, the Gay Girl Dating Coach approach. Love is looking for you and I want to help you make that connection to an amazing, just-right-for-you lesbian.

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