Meeting Singles In This Winter Wonderland

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Meeting Singles in This Winter Wonderland

April Braswell
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Winter brings snow and blizzards to much of North America. In Canada and the United States, most singles are faced with frigid cold weather, which can keep far too many people stuck indoors.

When faced with icy cold weather, most midlife singles want to stay inside and keep warm after a full day at the office. This can leave senior singles frustrated when it comes to meeting more people and stretching their social circle each week.

What can you do to still meet others when it’s a winter wonderland outside?

Enjoy winter sports! While we’re all watching and talking about the 2014 Winter Olympics, be inspired to get outside and try out some winter sports yourself to meet active senior singles like you.

1. Hit the ice.

So many men are involved in amateur ice hockey teams that it makes them easy to meet. Ladies, find out when practice and game times are at your local ice rink and go.

Watch a game. Be around the rink when the practice is winding up while looking your sporty feminine best, and then finagle an invitation to head out to grab a bite to eat.

Break the ice with them by asking questions about their team and who they play.

“The most important thing

is to get out and about.”

2. Change up your view.

Catch the games from a sports bar. Winter athletics can always be enjoyed from the many wide screens at your local sports bar.

The Stanley Cup is played into early June. Check out each bar in your area to get the feel for what kind of crowd the games draw.

Often it’s the local university affiliation that will really get the senior guys vociferously cheering for their alma mater more than the professional team. Just don’t be caught wearing the colors of the opposition!

Get up and down from your seat a lot and move around so men can mingle and chat with you casually. Help the guys out by wearing a conversation-starter team jersey or T-shirt.

Alternatively, break the ice yourself by commenting on his old-school Bruins jersey.

3. Hit the slopes.

You have both Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing to choose from. Ski season lasts well into the month of April.

You can always meet people at the ski lodge, bar and snack area. Wear a conversation-starter outfit and be friendly with those around you.

Have fun and get some great exercise while you’re meeting all those new people.

The most important thing is to get out and about. Many senior men desire an active partner, so the best way to catch one is to be active yourself.

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