Santa Didnt Bring Me A Senior Mate

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Santa Didn’t Bring Me a Senior Mate

April Braswell
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The Christmas gifts have all been unwrapped and the wrapping paper and bows disposed of into the recycling bins. Another Christmas season has come and gone.

Did Santa bring you what was at the top of your wish list this year? No? So a Senior mate wasn’t in your Christmas stocking?

Then that means it’s up to you, and now’s the time to get busy.

If finding a baby boomer mate and possible new spouse is something you secretly desire, then you’ll need to make a concerted effort this coming year. Don’t just rely on fate to bring you together. Take the reins of romance into your own hands.

These last few days of the year make for a wonderful time to reflect upon last year, assess what you’ve been doing and set some goals or New Year’s resolutions in your romantic sphere.

So Santa Claus didn’t do it for you, did he? He didn’t bring you that sensational senior mate, all tied up with a bow? Let’s look at how you filled your year so you can have different results ahead.

1. Datebook assessment

Take a look at your calendar. Did you attend parties and dances this past year? Did you accept every social invitation extended to you?

Perhaps you’ve found your friends are simply hosting fewer parties than when you all were in your 20s and 30s and everyone was bursting with pulchritude and single.

If you’re finding your social calendar had very few occasions last year, then consider hosting and organizing some social events yourself next year.

“It’s time to consider what new things

you can weave into your life.”

2. Look in the mirror.

How is your image? I hear from boomer singles all the time they see the boomers who spiff up a bit, take care of themselves and make the effort to flirt merrily and converse brightly with others are always the ones who seem to garner a new beau or lady friend.

Open your closet door and look at the condition of your clothes. Is everything old, dingy and dull? Consider updating your image a bit.

A new scarf, a new skirt, a new sweater or a new accessory can do wonders to make your ensemble appear contemporary without having to overhaul your whole wardrobe.

3. Continuous learning

Now that you’ve reflected on last year’s calendar of events, it’s time to consider what new things you can weave into your life.

Some of the core values of the baby boomer generation are youthfulness and vitality. Boomers don’t want life to stagnate nor do they desire a stodgy mate.

One way to demonstrate how you are a fascinating life companion while simultaneously meeting new people is to get involved in your local community.

Take a look at the clubs and associations in your area. Attend their introductory evenings and join in. Get involved and you’ll surely make new friends.

Next year you’ll have more soirees to attend!

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