The 2 Essential Sex Toys Every Lesbian Needs

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The 2 Essential Sex Toys Every Lesbian Needs

Mary Gorham Malia
Mary Gorham Malia Updated:
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Yes, this is my opinion. The chief of the Lesbian Global Tribe may disagree with me, but I think toys are great and every lesbian should learn to enjoy a couple of them.

Which ones? Let’s talk…

1. A great vibrator

Little Ms. Clitoris really can enjoy a great vibrator, and there are some nights when that vibrator can move things along like nothing else can.

You should always keep it ready!

What makes for a great vibrator? A lot of them are rechargeable, so most of the time they don’t require batteries or wires for plugging them in.

A great vibratorWires are awful and annoying and just get in the way! Dead batteries are equally annoying.

It should be built for comfort and might even be waterproof so you can take it into the shower, tub, pool or lake.

There are lots of different styles, colors and shapes, but a really good, high-brow one will cost some serious pennies. A good Jimmy Joan vibrator will run you an easy $100.

Now if you’re not up for dropping that kind of change to make yourself and your girlfriend happy for years, then get a cheap, itty-bitty silver bullet.

You’ll need to get a supply of batteries, and at about $20 each, buy a couple of these little silver toys. They wear out fast, but they will do the trick and pull a nice orgasm out of you or her or both of you.

“Be more than just a good

lover – be a great lover!”

2. A good dildo

Now there are quite a few lesbians who are already groaning at the thought of this and not in a good way.

Some women absolutely hate penetration of any kind. If that’s you, I understand. However, it’s something many women do enjoy and want.

What makes a good dildo?

First consider what size you are comfortable with and what size your partner is comfortable using.A good dildo

Do you both agree on the same size (girth and length), or do you have different needs here?

Then it’s about stiffness and the material it’s made from. Dildos are made from glass (yes, I said glass), silicon, rubber and other materials.

This is where it’s really important to visit your local toy store. Get over your inhibitions and get thee to your local sex shop, gay girl!

Hopefully you have one that lets you touch the products, as that’s the only way you’ll be able to judge which material you want to try out.

The materials used determine how you wash and store your dildo. Yes, it’s important to keep your sex toys clean and to store them appropriately so they last a good long while.

Many dildos require using a harness or strap-on. It’s another way to add intrigue, variety and fun to your sex life and keep things spicy.

If you don’t like using a harness, you can investigate double-dildos as one option. You can use a dildo without a harness or strap by simply using your hand to manipulate it. Or how about a “softie” that one of you puts in your jockey shorts for some tribadism action?

Like vibrators, dildos have a wide price range depending on many factors.

A favorite dildo these days is the Feeldoe. Both of you can enjoy penetration while one of you gets to own the business side of this sexual play process.

Again it’s available in different sizes and includes a place to insert a silver bullet for extra pleasure.

Enhancing your pleasure

These two sex toys, dildos and vibrators, should always be in your bedside table drawer for your own pleasure and for your girlfriend’s delight.

Do keep in mind that you should always start with fresh toys for each new lover or use precautions, such as sterilizing and using condoms, to avoid sharing STDs or any kind of sex germ, bacteria, etc.

Be more than just a good lover – be a great lover and care about those STDs.

Now off to your local toy store and have fun with this!

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