Should I Be Sexting My Lesbian Girlfriend

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Should I Be Sexting My Lesbian Girlfriend?

Mary Gorham Malia
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You’ve met her — the woman of your dreams! She might be butch, femme, lipstick, sporty or boi, but she’s hot and that’s exciting.

You’ve crossed the line to having sex with your lesbian girlfriend and that’s starting to cross over into your texting.

Texting + sex = sexting. It’s great for foreplay, but let’s talk about boring common sense when using this communication medium.

Please don’t text pictures of yourself.

That’s a dangerous proposition and could cost you in the future.

I know it’s fun and you’re just playing and enjoying all that sexual energy, but it can and does backfire.

If you break up, do you really want her to have photos of you in your birthday suit?

Cell phones get lost and stolen all the time.

Not only could a thieving stranger be looking at your body parts, but that stranger could then send your picture and your contact details to anyone anywhere.

Then consider that someone you know could pick up that cell phone for some silly reason and see your text and picture. It could be your child, mother, father, brother, friend or whoever.

Do you really want to have to explain this?


“Sexting can add a lot of sexual

energy to a relationship.”

It’s more than just pictures.

Are you ready to stick with sex talk for your sexting connection? All right then, is there a line you don’t want to cross here? Perhaps.

When getting sexual using the written word, just like sex talk in bed, some people are more comfortable than others.

This would be a good time to have a conversation about what your new honey feels comfortable doing. If she’s really verbal in bed already, then sexting may be a natural and comfortable flow for her.

If your honey is really quiet in bed (I think sex talk is hot and fun!), then you need to talk to her about her comfort level. She might discover she enjoys sexting or it makes her really uncomfortable.

A good rule of thumb is don’t say anything in a text message you wouldn’t say to her face. If you’re a lesbian that’s really comfortable with sex talk, this may seem like a no-brainer to you, but you need to feel out your girlfriend’s feelings about it.

For the younger set.

For those under 18 years old, sexting in and of itself is illegal. Sending naked pictures of yourself to anyone is also illegal when you’re under 18. Sending naked pictures of someone under 18 via text is also illegal.

Sexting has gotten many young people in lots of trouble with the law and their parents. It is considered to be child pornography and you do not want to mess with that.

If you’re over 18 and dating someone under 18, skip the pictures.

If you’re older, just ask yourself if you’d want your good friends or parents to see you on the Internet naked. Yeah, probably not.

Sexting can add a lot of sexual energy to a relationship. It can be fun foreplay and ensure you are both in the mode for sex, but watch out for the pitfalls of having really intimate information on your cell phone.

Now go on and enjoy that lovely lesbian you’ve been so fortunate to find. And tell me: Do you sext?

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