3 Romantic Summer Destinations Men

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3 Romantic Summer Destinations for Men

Sam Stieler
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Summer is here, and you know what that means — it’s time to start planning a romantic getaway for you and your girlfriend! When figuring out where to go, consider a couple of the following destinations that are guaranteed to rev up the romance in your relationship.

1. The beach.

Obvious? Absolutely. But let’s be honest, beaches are incredibly romantic, no matter how cliche the thought of walking hand in hand with your woman as the sun sets across the horizon may sound.

However, the real reason why beaches make a logistically great romantic getaway has little to do with the natural beauty they offer and a lot to do with their versatility.

You see, visiting a beach offers a range of romantic experiences to share. You and your woman can spend all day soaking in the sun, and then spend a lazy night together in your candlelit hotel room.

You and your woman can have a picnic on the beach, complete with chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne. Or (my favorite) you can sneak onto a private beach at night, build up a small fire and enjoy each other’s company in whatever way you’d like.

As a general rule, the fewer people on your beach, the more romantic the experience will be, so finding remote corners of popular coasts or stealing a few hours on a private beach offer the best ways to make the most of the natural beauty surrounding you.


“If you pick your travel destinations wisely, then

the surrounding beauty will do most of the job for you.”

2. The woods.

Romance often means indulging deeply in the private side of your relationship. Eating out isn’t romantic when you’re dining in a crowded restaurant filled with large families and half the town’s fraternity members.

Instead, romantic dinners are characterized by the private intimacy created by secluded corner tables and limited candlelight. Romance comes from blocking out the rest of the world and sharing a little focused personal time with your woman. And there are few more effective ways to create a little shared isolation than holing up in the woods with your woman.

If you and/or your girlfriend aren’t really the outdoorsy type, you can still enjoy a romantic camping trip. While a more rugged couple will revel in roughing it in the middle of a national park, even an urbane twosome can have a great time renting out a fully-stocked cabin that gives them the peace and quiet they need without necessitating too many lumberjack skills.

3. The open road.

Aside from shared isolation, a second key component of romance lies in the excitement of breaking up routine and sharing new and exciting experiences together. In other words, traveling to a new destination with your woman offers a great opportunity for creating some unforgettably romantic experiences.

When traveling with your woman, it’s wise to choose the right location. Even though the right attitude can create romance no matter the environment, some destinations clearly offer a more convenient route to romance than others.

It’s easier to share a romantic experience in a beautiful city such as Madrid than it is to feel that burning fire in Buffalo, N.Y. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve lived in Buffalo and I certainly experienced romance during my time in that old industrial town.

But I’ve also been to Madrid, and trust me when I say that the right location can really simplify the process. If you pick your travel destinations wisely, then the surrounding beauty and sentimental atmosphere will do most of the job for you.