3 Ways To Get Pumped Up Before Going Out

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3 Ways to Get Pumped Up Before Going Out

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You’re grooming yourself because it’s the perfect night to go out with your friends looking for girls.

However, your energy is dropping and you want to do something to get you pumped up for the night. What do you?

Don’t use alcohol. It’s a crutch that should be left in the refrigerator, or better yet, the trash.

Instead, try these three methods…

1. Blast your stereo while taking a shower.

It doesn’t matter if your high energy music is rap or country. Blast it everywhere prior to leaving your house.

We at Simple Pickup play our high volume music while we’re scrubbing ourselves in the shower, dressing up and even while we’re packing up snacks for the night.

You want your body to be energized when you head out the door.


“It’ll give you the confidence to

be able to talk to any hot girl.”

2. Create a mix CD to play on the way there.

You want this musical mix to be playing in the car as you ride to your destination. Let the melodies echo inside and outside of your car.

The music is there to pump you up. Please, drive safely.

3. Start talking to anyone and everyone on the street.

When you get out of your car, you shouldn’t just be approaching women. You should approach everyone and anyone right away.

We don’t care if it’s an old lady or the 7-11 cashier. Just approach them and start a quick conversation.

It will pump you up because it’ll give you the confidence and the preparation to be able to talk to any hot girl you run into later on in the night.

From now on when you go out, try these three tips.

It’s time you stay awake because hot girls love a guy who is energetically fun!

How do you get pumped up before going out to meet women?

Photo source: thebeatproject.wordpress.com.