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A Guide to Double Dates

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

Amber Brooks

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

My parents have been married for over 45 years, and they have a firm rule: Friday night is date night. They love to go to their favorite Mexican restaurant to share a plate of nachos, but every once in a while, they’re craving something different. 

When they want to mix things up, my parents call their oldest friends and set up a double date. It’s a chance to catch up, make new memories, and maybe split a bottle of wine. Double dating lets them escape their routine and have interesting conversations with their coupled friends.

According to Merriam-Webster, a double date is “a date participated in by two couples.” It’s a great way for couples to grow closer to their friends and change up their dating life. Double dates are terrific opportunities for you and your partner to share experiences and laughs with other couples. 

Planning a Great Double Date | Benefits of Double Dates | Tips & Advice

Planning the Perfect Double Date

Going out with your partner on a date is a beautiful experience. You learn new things about each other, enjoy fun activities, and create memories that last a lifetime. And the fun doesn’t have to stop with the two of you. When you add a couple of friends to your dinner date, it becomes a dinner party that’s even more enjoyable.

plan your double date

Whenever you go on a double date, some planning will have to be involved. Even if you’re just getting ice cream, you need to coordinate your schedules. Make sure that everyone is on the same page about the timing, the location, and the dress code or aesthetics for the night.  Look up some fun local date spots and make reservations if needed.

Clear communication is important so that partners understand what to expect from this double date. There will be many things to consider such as who would you want to do a double date with, how long do you want it to go for, and where? You want to make sure that the vibes are right for both you and the other couple so the night can go well. 

Choosing the Right Couple

Inviting the right couple is critical for a successful double date. This can make or break the date night. You need to choose a couple who can match your energy and vibe. Shared interests are a must — opposing political views is a no-no. You don’t want to have an awkward interaction with another couple on an occasion that’s supposed to be fun.

You can use social dating apps to find another couple if you don’t have any couple friends in mind. Several apps are dedicated to connecting couples who have mutual interests and are looking for activity partners. Apps like Fourplay and Doubble help couples mingle with each other and, if things go well, maybe even go on a double date!  These apps make it easy to find others who may be seeking a double date as well.

Come Up With a Fun Activity

Double dates can be just as exciting as a first date with your partner because you can experience something new. Whether it’s a movie night, a dinner party, or a comedy show, double date activities can invite laughter and meaningful conversation.

choose a fun activity

Maybe you can look into a cooking class or a yoga group so you’re learning something new together. Or, if you’d rather stay in, maybe you’ll want to set up painting supplies and wine for a casual craft night. Choose activities that spark everyone’s interest, and the night will be filled with joy.

Discuss Dividing Expenses

Set a budget for your double dating experience. Double dates can be as cheap as a Netflix night at home, or you can go big and split the expenses of a concert out of town. Talk with your partner about what the limit for the night is and stick to it. That way, you can have a fun and budget-friendly night. 

It’s important to discuss expected expenses as a group. You don’t want to encounter an awkward situation when the check comes and everyone is looking confused about who will cover it. Talk about the expected expenses for the night and how you would like to split it. You don’t have to make a big deal about it — just say something like, “We’ll need to rideshare, so I’ll cover that,” or “I booked tickets in advance, so you can Venmo me your half.” 

Some reservations or prepaid tickets might be involved, so be sure to have those conversations beforehand.

Navigate Different Personalities

The fun thing about double dating is you get to interact with different personality types. But that can also introduce some challenges. Some personalities mesh well together while others clash. For your double date, you obviously want everyone to get along and share some common interests so the evening goes smoothly. 

Some people like to invite their friends to go along with them in the early stages of their courtship. That can take the pressure off the situation – and encourage a social dynamic that could serve your relationship well in the long run. 

If it goes well, great! You’ve just added a member to the friend group. If it goes poorly — well, at least you’ve got a good story to tell and (hopefully) laugh about later.

check in with your partner

If you’re going out with your friends for a double date, be proactive about helping your partner feel comfortable throughout the night. Check in with them frequently to ensure the vibes are all good.

It’s important to communicate any uneasy feelings or discomfort. Our dating experts recommend that daters have a code word to make it easy to conclude the night with tact. 

The Benefits of Double Dates

Double dates add a delightful twist to your dating life. Sometimes the dating routine can get repetitive and boring. Double dating can mix up date nights and get you guys out of a rut. There are many benefits included with double dates.

Strengthen Social Bonds

You appreciate your partner more when you go on double dates, but you also have the chance to catch up with friends. Life goes by fast, and sometimes we don’t nurture all of our relationships with the quality time they deserve. A double date or a group date will create more opportunity to reinforce the relationships and friendships that are most important. 

grow closer on double dates

Extroverts in particular will appreciate going on a double date because they have more opportunities to converse, laugh, and enrich their social lives.

Reduce Pressure on Date Nights

Double dates can make date nights more fun. Planning a date on your own can be a lot of pressure. Couples have a lot going on: Making sure dinner plans go well, keeping conversations going, and paying for expensive dates if y’all aren’t splitting. Date nights shouldn’t be stressful, and double dates can take away a lot of the mental and financial burden.

More Opportunities for New Experiences

Double dates open a door for more varied experiences. Some activities are just better when you have more than two people. For example, a date night at a local bar can have tons of couple games such as darts, pool, and card games.  

share new experiences

Even if it’s a board game night, having a competitive gaming session between two couples is a fun-packed event.  Double dates create new opportunities for people to play and grow with each other. 

Fostering Active Listening & Empathy

Being present is a key to double dates. You want to enjoy every moment with your partner and your friends. You can cover multiple conversation topics and ask questions that will tell you something interesting about the personality dynamics at play. Practice active listening to show that you care about what your partner and friends have to say.

Tips to Make the Most of the Experience

There’s no blueprint for double dates, so take advantage of the experience as you see fit. It can feel exciting to break out of your typical dating cycle, and that’s what makes double dates worthwhile. You get to create new memories with another couple and help your relationship develop along the way. 

There will be some challenges and adjustments to make over the course of the double date, but it’s worth giving it a try.

Engage in Meaningful Conversations – Be Present!

Double dating can be a fun way to come out of your shell and have deep conversations with people. You guys will be exchanging a lot of personal stories with each other, and you can add a lot of quality to the night by talking about your unique experiences in life. The date will flow and be more enjoyable if you stay present.

be present

That means putting your phone away. Talk about your interests and hobbies, tell the amazing story about how you met your partner, or swap theories about your zodiac signs. The topics are endless, just make sure that you are in the moment and enjoy the night. 

Look Out for Cues From Your Partner

Remember to check in with your partner throughout the night. Be aware of their nonverbal cues and body language to make sure they’re having a good time. It’s easy to get caught up in the conversation with another couple, especially if you’re meeting up with an old friend. But keep in mind that your partner’s enjoyment will be a determining factor whether you go out again.

Maybe they’re not having as much fun as you are or could be tired. Use your better judgment and make sure your partner is enjoying themselves as much as you are.

Embrace Spontaneity 

The point of double dates is to be adventurous! Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your routine – maybe a trivia night or a wine tasting — you won’t be doing it alone, so it can splurge on a unique and fun activity. The goal is to spend quality time and create memorable moments with your partner and friends. 

Go skydiving together, participate in an escape room, or play board games at home. Take photos of the experience and post them on social media — maybe some other couple friends on your feed will want to come with you next time.

Plan Future Outings

If the first double date went well, you should keep the party going. Reflect on the experience with your partner and discuss if you want to continue going on double dates with the same couple or a different couple. 

plan another double date

Good company is hard to find, so if you and your partner enjoyed your double date, it’s a good idea to make it a regular outing. Maybe throw out an invite at the end of your double date, and you guys can brainstorm plans. 

Create Lasting Memories With Couple Friends

Double dates can be a fun experience for couples who want to socialize and try new things who want to socialize and try new things. Having two more people at the table can add so many more elements to the night. Double dating can bring you more ease into the dating life and cut back on expenses for the night.  They allow you to connect with another pair intimately and can improve your social lives as well. 

Double dating is a good thing to try when you want to break out of a rut and create more shared experiences with your partner and coupled friends. Even if the double date doesn’t go as planned, you have laughable memories to share with the person you care about.