How Do I Get My Ex Back?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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If you broke up with your ex and realize you’ve made a horrible mistake and want her back, chances are she’ll give you another shot. Most women are completely devastated when a man does the breaking up. We cry for days, swear off men forever and either starve ourselves or pig out on ice cream. We wait anxiously by the phone for our ex to call and beg for forgiveness.

If you want her back, call her and ask her to meet you for dinner. Bring a beautiful bouquet of flowers and greet her at the entrance. Tell her you’ve been a fool, that you’re so sorry and you want to make things right. More often than not, she’ll fall right back into your arms, sobbing uncontrollably and telling you how much she missed you.

If she broke up with you, however, that complicates matters. Getting her to come around won’t be so easy. Give her some time to cool off so she will realize how much she misses you. Call her and ask her to meet you for coffee. Tell her how you’re feeling and see if she will give her another chance. Tell her you’ve come to realize she was right about her complaints about you and you’re willing to work on the relationship.  You’ve got a 50-50 chance she’ll say yes and go back for another round.