How Long Should I Wait to Call a Girl After a Date?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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The rules of telephone etiquette are simple and finite. Guys, if you have an awesome date with a woman, don’t play games. If you tell her you are going to call her tomorrow, do it. Don’t think she’s going to like you more if you “play it cool” and wait three days to call. We hate that!

Sometimes, depending on the date, it is OK to call right after the date and continue the evening with a post-dinner conversation. Keep in mind, we have been taught that a man is supposed to do the calling, so most women will usually exercise self-restraint when it comes to making those calls in the early days.

Be straightforward, take the initiative, pick up the phone and call her. Tell her you had a great time with her and you would like to see her again. Of course, there is a fine line between calling and calling too much. Be sure and pay attention to her signals. You don’t want her to think you are needy.