How To Get A Girls Attention Online

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How to Get a Girl’s Attention Online

Kara Pound
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The Internet is a fast-paced virtual world where you have seconds to grab a person’s attention. Pop-up ads, music videos, blog posts and the like are all a dime a dozen. Online dating is no different. While it certainly differs from traditional dating, where you have more time to impress a woman with your charm, wit and kind-hearted banter, you only have a few moments to garner a girl’s attention online. Guys, here are a few tips and tricks to getting noticed on the Internet:

1. Type as though you would speak.

Proper spelling and grammar is a must when you’re trying to snag a lady’s love interest. Make sure to read through your online dating profile for possible edits, never type as though you’re texting (CUL8R is not acceptable) and even when you’re instant messaging, give a quick glance before hitting enter.

2. Use a real, updated profile graphic.

An avatar or photo that was obviously taken in the early ‘90s is not going to help fill your inbox with potential dates. Upload a picture that’s been taken recently and really shows you in your element — hiking, with a beloved pet, at a sporting event. This will help women get a glance into the kind of person you are.

3. Don’t be obnoxious.

If you’re in a chat room or instant messaging a lady, don’t be obnoxious and demand all of the attention. Sure, you can’t see each other’s facial expressions, but typing everything in all caps with multiple exclamation points and happy faces is down right annoying. If you act like a mature human being, then you shouldn’t need to explain every little thing you say/type.

4. Take interest.

Women love to be heard and listened to. Take interest in every woman you strike up a conversation with. Ask her what she does in her free time, what kind of music she likes, what’s the last book she read, etc. It’s not all about you. Conversations are a two-way street.