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The Short Version: We live in an increasingly interconnected world, so today’s daters don’t have to restrict their search for love to their own backyards. Many worldly singles have expanded their horizons by entering in relationships with people who hail from another country but share similar values in life. If your aim is to attract and marry someone overseas, is an invaluable educational resource full of practical guidelines and reviews. The site’s articles deal with issues relating to international and interracial dating and offer advice to help Western men cultivate relationships with women in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Thousands of readers come to iDate Advice to learn everything they need to know to charm love interests anywhere in the world.

Over a decade ago, Curt Coch wanted to find a bride in the Ukraine, but he had a few questions about how to go about it. What did Ukrainian women like in their men? What cultural differences should he be aware of? How should he broach the topic of a long-term, intercultural relationship?

These questions led him online, but he didn’t find many satisfying answers. He wanted to learn seduction techniques and cultural values, and yet he discovered that most dating resources focused on the logistics and not the emotions of international dating.

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On iDate Advice, singles can learn the do’s and don’ts of dating in different cultures  and nations.

Of course, the internet had a lot of general information about Ukrainian culture and dating, but no website adequately combined the two topics to provide dating and relationship advice from an international perspective. So Curt decided to create that resource himself.

Curt founded iDate Advice under the motto “Dating for Dummies” to give singles the information they need to take their dating game overseas and start a relationship with someone in Asia, Europe, or South America. The website’s advice articles outline how to impress dates of specific nationalities, what to say to take things to the next level, and how to make the relationship last.

Dispensing with stereotype and hearsay, iDate Advice’s writers rely on real-life experiences to lend credence to their tips and tricks. Overall, the website’s blog articles offer pragmatic dating and relationship advice for anyone who wants to date on foreign soil.

“There’s plenty of information about dating, but it’s all the same and not very helpful,” said Serghei, a representative from iDate Advice. “We try to provide real guidance on how to win the heart of a woman and cope with relationship issues going forward.”

2,500+ Readers Come to the Site to Learn to Woo Foreign Women

iDate Advice currently has over 2,500 followers coming to the site on a regular basis. About 80% of the blog’s content promotes marriage-focused dating advice for men, and a majority of its subscribers are single men between the ages of 35 and 65. Most of the site’s readers hail from the US and want to marry someone from overseas, particularly from Eastern Europe.

When men desire a younger bride, they’re often drawn toward such international dating scenes where age-gap dating isn’t stigmatized. But dating someone of a different culture is easier said than done. Oftentimes, even experienced daters run into hurdles when wooing international love interests, and that’s where iDate Advice can help.

The information-rich blog posts address common issues in international and interracial dating, including cultural differences, online safety tips, and relationship struggles. The team has also started creating short videos to answer their readers’ dating questions and engage the singles community in a more interactive medium. So far, iDate Advice’s most popular video, 3 Reasons Why Russian Women Want to Leave Russia, has over 1,100 comments from daters worldwide.

The popularity of the iDate Advice blog stems from its comprehensive approach to a difficult subject matter. Curated sections expand upon the cultural differences of Asian women, European women, and Latin women — and the dating psychology necessary to win the favor of singles in particular countries.

iDate Advice also provides reviews on the most popular dating websites and apps in the world today. That way, online daters can make informed decisions about which dating platform(s) to join. Ever gone on an international dating site and wondered if it’s legit? Well, iDate Advice can put your mind at ease by detailing facts about a particular service’s membership, features, and success rate.

From safely traveling to meet a love interest abroad to building a happy relationship despite cultural differences, iDate Advice offers guidance on a broad range of issues facing international daters. People of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and personality types can seek advice on this useful website.

“Love and relationships are a big part of our life, so the topics to write on are immense,” Serghei told us.

A Collaborative & Worldly Team Working Together for Over a Decade

It’s a lean team at iDate Advice, with just five full-timers working out of the office, but they pool their talents to make the website the best it can be for daters everywhere. Many team members have a wealth of experience working in the dating industry and come from careers where they were assisting men seeking international brides.

The iDate Advice team includes psychological experts as well as professional writers. According to Serghei, the company employs a well-educated team of people skilled at coaching singles through tricky dating situations.

Photo of iDate Advice team members giving a lecture

Backed by decades of experience, the iDate Advice team has a thorough understanding of the international dating scene.

Freelance writers from all over the world submit articles that highlight their personal stories and opinions on international dating topics. In many cases, iDate Advice solicits advice articles written by people who have real-life experiences dating or marrying in particular cultures. As Serghei said, “Who knows of their problems better than people themselves — the people who reside in the country and represent the nation.”

The website’s articles about dating practices in Costa Rica and millionaire dating websites, for example, showcase the expertise of writers who have carefully researched these topics and understand the nuances at play.

In terms of company culture, iDate Advice fosters a collaborative and diverse environment fueled by creativity. “The team is very friendly and everyone who has a word to add is always welcomed,” Serghei said. “Every opinion is important!”

Testimonials From Men Who Gained Confidence & A Relationship

Many people from all over the world have written thank-you notes and testimonials to the iDate Advice team. Serghei shared a few of them with us to show how the right advice can carry singles into loving, happy, and secure relationships.

“Thank you for sharing your working tips,” Michael Ware, a single from California, wrote. “With your help, I have become more confident in dating, and my hands are no longer trembling on a first date.”

“iDateAdvice, after reading your articles on creating an outstanding online dating profile, I’ve done the job, and now my email box is full!” — Fred Collins, a reader from Alaska

“With your help, I have found the woman of my dreams,” said Tim Harmon, a Texan who overcame a language barrier with his bride. “The language and culture are no longer a problem but a challenge for greater development!”

Rick Goren said he was amazed by how his love life turned around after learning the secrets of international dating on iDate Advice. The Illinois man reported that his girlfriend was so gorgeous that all his friends were jealous of him.

Women have also benefited from the savvy tips on the blog. “Our relationship has drastically improved after we followed your pieces of advice on how to create love that lasts,” wrote Aurelia Viscun, a French woman, in a testimonial.

These touching stories are what it’s all about for the iDate Advice team. “To know we provide a positive impact on people’s life provides a warm feeling of satisfaction inside,” Serghei said, “and that’s a great motivation to move forward!”

Dating for Dummies: iDate Advice Empowers Singles to Find Love

Curt went looking for love abroad, but what he found was a career. Ten years ago, he set out to fill a void in the dating community by providing sensible information about international and interracial dating. Today, iDate Advice offers guidelines to overcome language and cultural barriers and meet the person of your dreams. Single men can use this resource to learn the basics about seducing and satisfying relationship-minded women in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

In the coming months, the iDate Advice team plans to expand their YouTube channel and produce more advice videos geared toward international daters. By continuing to grow their online presence, the team hopes to reach more people than ever before.

“Modern users prefer watching and listening to the information rather than reading articles — no matter how colorful and reader-friendly they are,” Serghei noted. “We try to serve all people interested in our subject, so if that means making more videos, so be it!”