Teamup Fitness Brings Fitness Enthusiasts Together

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TeamUp Fitness Brings Fitness Enthusiasts Together For Community and Romance

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Health enthusiasts can connect for business, friendship, and romance on Teamup Fitness, a one-stop hub for all things fitness and nutrition. The app combines the features of a dating app, social media platform, and fitness education resource to provide users with everything they need to meet and surpass their fitness – and romance –goals. Frank Peperno, the Chief Marketing Officer for Teamup, told us about the app and some new features users can look forward to in the coming year.

I started running about a year ago, and what started as a way of letting off some steam swiftly became one of my favorite activities. Today, a few pairs of overpriced sneakers and holey socks later, I’m what my exercise-adverse dad would call a “running freak.”

If you had told my middle school self, who was suffering through a mom-conscripted stint on the cross country team, that her future self would not only love running but be titled a “running freak,” she simply wouldn’t believe you. I’ve been on both sides of running – the people who love it and those who hate it.

When you’re really into fitness, or any other activity, it’s nice to have people in your life who understand your lifestyle and how passionate you are about it. While I have all the understanding in the world for people who hate running, I would rather talk about running with someone who loves it. 

People who prioritize fitness, nutrition, and physical well-being often look for romantic partners who have the same priorities. Since leading a fit lifestyle and attending to personal health can be a time-consuming endeavor, single fitness enthusiasts may struggle in a relationship with a person who doesn’t love the gym as much as they do.

Teamup Fitness connects fitness enthusiasts with people who understand their lifestyle. The platform has a variety of networking features for dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and other fitness professionals, along with social media and dating features. It’s a one-stop shop for all kinds of fitness lovers to meet new people and build community.

Frank Peperno is the Chief Marketing Officer for Teamup Fitness, and he told us about the platform and everything it offers for the fitness community. “We’re trying to create unique ways for people to interact and focus on their fitness,” he said. “On Teamup, instead of meeting at a bar for drinks, you’re meeting up at the gym or for a race. You know, it’s something different.”

A Hub For All Things Health

Teamup Fitness was first created to be a resource for people in the fitness and nutrition industry to connect with each other and share resources. Users could join as members to gain access to a variety of fitness resources. While the platform had a professional and educational lean, it also fostered personal connections within the community.

“When we originally started the app, we were a place for people in the industry to connect,” Frank told us. Members could reach out to professionals on the app to ask questions and learn about workouts and nutrition programs. It was pretty much an all-in-one resource for our members to not only find someone to connect with but also learn something from.”

teamup fitness personal trainers, fitness pros, and models
Teamup Fitness adapts its features for the changing needs of its community.

As Teamup continued to grow, its features adapted to the changing needs of its community. “As the years went by, we added a lot of new features, from subscription services to social media feeds,” Frank said. “And then, of course, when COVID happened, people really flocked to the site for connection.”

Throughout the pandemic and in the months after, Teamup developed features that allowed users to find others in their area, and the app began to focus on facilitating more in-person connections. Frank said Teamup pays attention to the needs of its users and is always adding new features to meet those needs.

Teamup has robust dating features and is a great option for single people who value health and fitness. Unlike many other dating apps, Teamup also offers a variety of other features that users can use to step up their fitness game. “We’re the go-to resource to find fitness professionals and nutritionists, and we also have feeds where people can post pictures and about themselves.”

Frank said all of Teamup Fitness’s additional features make it stand apart from other dating apps. “We really made it different in a lot of ways from the traditional dating app, and we offered a lot more in it.”

The Dating App For Any Kind of Fitness-Lover

Getting started on Teamup Fitness is similar to getting started on other dating apps. Teamup is free, and users who want additional features can sign up for premium membership. Users can share all the fitness-related information they want on their profile, like their favorite activities, personal records, and fitness goals. Users can also note whether they’re looking for professional connections, friendships, or romance.

This profile can be used across Teamup Fitness’s features, including the social media platform. Frank said Teamup is developing technology that will make smarter and more accurate matches according to the information users put in their profiles. dating features
Teamup singles are athletic, attractive, and fun!

“We’ve been working on these updates for a few years now with AI and analytics,” he said. “We’re trying to find different ways for people to add a little more information to their profiles, and then we really hone in on finding someone who fits the specific criteria they have in place.”

Frank said that this new technology will not only make Teamup’s matches better but will also allow users to browse through profiles that share the same interests as they do. For example, a user who is really into mountain biking will be shown more compatible profiles of fellow mountain bikers. “It’s a really unique and fun feature that we’re excited about rolling out,” Frank said.

“What we really want people to know is that Teamup Fitness is a resource for all aspects of building up the fitness and nutrition community,” Frank said. Whether you want to use it professionally, for dating, or for a combination of everything, we have the features and resources.” 

Teamup Is Made For and By The Fitness Community

Teamup Fitness knows how important community is within many fitness circles, and the app’s social networking feature was designed to help build up these communities as well as create new ones. “The social aspect of Teamup would be your feed,” Frank said. “It’s pretty similar to something like Instagram, where you can post photos and videos and customize your profile.”

Users can post about their workouts, goals, and achievements, plus browse tips and advice from notable names in fitness. “It’s a unique way for people to post about something fun they’ve done at the gym, or on the track, or out on the slopes, and they can share things they maybe wouldn’t on other platforms,” Frank said. “We’re all about fitness–our users don’t get sick of too many posts about the gym.”

teamup-fitness dietitians
Athletes and weight-lifters can use Teamup Fitness for all their training and nutrition needs.

Dating a fellow health enthusiast is a great way to step up your fitness game, but if you want professional help, Teamup Fitness is an easy place to find it. Personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, and coaches are available at users’ fingertips through the Teamup Fitness Marketplace. Fitness professionals on the platform offer a variety of workshops, classes, and other resources.

Teamup Fitness is a great choice for health-minded singles who are looking to make connections with people who value the same things they do. “When you’re passionate about something, you want to be with someone who’s also passionate about it,” Frank said. “A healthy lifestyle makes life better, and I think it makes relationships better, too.”