Why We Need To Speak Taboo On A Date

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Why We Need to Speak Taboo on a Date

David Wygant
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The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine. We were talking about taboo subjects. And it’s funny because most people are afraid to talk about taboo subjects — especially when on a date.

We’re so afraid to talk about what we really want or how we really want to be treated.

So we exchange the boring resumes. We talk a little bit about our job. Where we grew up. What we want to do in our life.

But we don’t talk about things that are really important. We don’t talk about how we like to be treated.

It’s not an interview.

I love talking about taboo subjects, because I want to tell somebody what I’m about. I want them to know right away what they’re about to get into, and I want to know what I’m about to get into.

See, I don’t want to talk about background information like this is some interview. I want to get to know if this person is good in bed or not.

Now of course, there are so many different ways to talk about it — sex, desire, passion — but they are all shades of the same color.


“I have no problem talking about

real, raw things on a date.”

My conversations are basically tinted in those shades.

I like to find out what’s passionate to them. That’s how I like to phrase it.

“What’s a passion to you? Describe it. Describe how you want to feel when you feel passion. If you can have a man touch you in any way, shape or form, how would want it?  How do you want to feel?”

I ask a woman what her love language is. Is she into physical touch? Does she like words of affirmation? Is she into gifts, acts of service?

I want to get an idea of her personality, what her emotional trigger points are. It’s important because I want to know if I can trigger those points if we’re alike.

I tell all women I love it when they nurture me. That’s what I love. And I tell them if they’re not that type of woman, then we are not going to be a match, no matter how scintillating the conversation is going to be.

I have no problem talking about real, raw things on a date. The so-called “taboo” subjects.

We waste weeks and months with the wrong people, and that would all change if we would take a bold step toward being comfortable with the taboo.

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