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3 Wardrobe Tips for Women

Sam Stieler
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Women notoriously obsess over what to wear on any given day and on any given occasion, and this feminine concern only intensifies under high-pressure events such as dates.

While some women don’t obsess over their clothing choices, and some certainly fixate on their wardrobe selections just as much as the most stereotypical fashionista, it’s safe to say the average woman worries a lot more about how she dresses on dates than the average man.

And women have a good reason to worry about their appearance on dates. Whether it’s due to unavoidable biological inheritance or unfair social indoctrination, men largely evaluate the women they go on dates with according to how those women visually present themselves.

Given these realities, how should you dress for your date?

1. Don’t dress how you think men want you to.

Women often feel overwhelmed when selecting their dating outfits because they fixate on trying to figure out what their man will want them to wear. You will never figure out what a man wants you to wear for two primary reasons:

  1. Men rarely know exactly what they want women to wear on dates because most men don’t think that deeply about fashion.
  2. Even if your man knew exactly what he wants you to wear, you will never learn this information because, no matter how intuitive you may be, you are not psychic and you can’t read his mind.


“Dress honestly. Dress well.

Put in obvious effort.”


2. Don’t change your look to match his.

It’s safe to say if a man will go out on a date with you, he finds you attractive as you are, which means he likes the way you naturally dress, even if your style don’t seem to match up with his.

Plenty of rocker-type guys like women who dress conservatively, lots of conventionally dressed men enjoy hipster-styled girls, and not every artist wants to date a woman who surpasses his bohemian carelessness.

While a man might find it vaguely flattering and casually amusing if you try to dress like him on your date, ultimately you will win more points by being yourself.

3. Dress well and groom well.

Whatever your personal style may be, when you go on a date, you want to dress your best. Wear your most flattering combinations, select items in top physical condition, and always choose clothes that are clean.

Take the time to pick an outfit with individual pieces that coordinate well with each other, and don’t “dress down” to try to appear casual and relaxed. Wear makeup and accessories, even if you use understated pieces, to make it known that this date means something to you.

Men tend to examine the effort you put into your look to determine whether or not you’re invested in meeting up with them. In fact, in the modern age of casual dates, choosing to “dress up” is the clearest indication you can give to show that the two of you are actually on a date and not simply “hanging out.”

Dress honestly. Dress well. Put in obvious effort. If you follow these three guidelines, you will always look attractive in your date’s eyes.