Does My Appearance Really Matter?

Bethany Heinesh
Bethany Heinesh Updated:
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Yes, your appearance really matters, and no it has absolutely no bearing on your “dateability” whatsoever. How’s that for an answer?!

On the one hand, it is important for all of us to put our best face forward. This means dressing neatly and wearing clean clothes, fixing your hair, washing your hands and at least acting like your appearance matters to you, even if it doesn’t. On the other hand, personality matters much more to most people than looks in the long run. We all know beauty fades, and what’s left when it does is really what gives a person value.

Most women, me included, say that they want a man who gets them, someone who makes them laugh and can carry on an intelligent conversation. I have been with more than one man the world would call “ugly,” but to me he was the finest man in the room because he had a dynamite disposition.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and in that regard, your appearance only matters as much as your beloved decides it does.