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Penny Thornton of Astrolutely Gives Forecasts That Help Couples Understand Love

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The Short Version: Penny Thornton is an astrologer who writes weekly forecasts, compatibility reports, and more on her website, Astrolutely. Penny is a classically trained astrologer who has worked in various astrology spaces, from writing columns to doing readings for Princess Diana. She’s also written several books and is a longtime astrology educator. Penny told us daters and couples can use Astrolutely’s astrology resources to reflect on how they show up in their relationships.

I’ve dabbled in astrology for most of my adult life. Many of my friends love astrology, and their knowledge bases on the subject frequently seem vast and insurmountable to me. The ones who are really into it seem to glean insights into people and situations that never even crossed my mind. And a lot of the time, those insights hold a lot of truth.

I broke up with my long-term, live-in college boyfriend about a year ago. In the weeks that proceeded, astrology was mentioned more times than I can remember. I am a Gemini, he was a Taurus, and for weeks I was consoled with, “It was doomed from the start” and “I’ve never heard of a good Gemini and Taurus match.”

While these placations weren’t always exactly what I needed, I decided to do my own investigating. The information available online varies, but most sources report that Gemini women and Taurus men have a few problem areas. Quite a few of the areas where Geminis and Tauruses struggle were areas that my ex and I struggled in.

penny thornton headshot
Penny Thornton is a seasoned astrologer and the voice behind Astrolutely.

Astrology isn’t the cheat code for life, but it can be an empowering, guiding tool. Penny Thornton is an astrologer and the founder of the astrology website Astrolutely. Penny has over 40 years of experience in astrology and was classically trained by the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Astrolutely offers weekly forecasts, compatibility reports, YouTube content, and more.

Penny talked to us about her storied experience in astrology and how couples can use Astrolutely’s astrology insights to understand each other better. “The first thing I want to say is that astrology is a guide. And it’s a very, very useful guide, but it’s not a rulebook,” Penny said.

Birth Charts, Modalities, Elements, and More!

Astrology is often mischaracterized and misunderstood. Penny herself will tell anyone who asks that astrology has no scientific basis. Yet, astrology has a long history that dates as far  back as the ancient past. 

People have been finding meaning in the position of celestial bodies for a very long time, and Penny says they’ve been doing so with adequate success. “We’re talking about really ancient things, things that have been handed down over thousands of years,” Penny said.

According to Penny, research into astrology has been and continues to be done at universities worldwide. The most exciting development of recent years is the discovery of gravitational waves, which goes a long way to support Pythagoras’s Harmony of the Spheres: everything in the universe resonates with everything else. Pluto may be millions of miles away from us here on Earth, but we are connected by “ripples” flowing through the solar system.

Penny told us a little bit about the history of astrology. Roughly 5,500 years ago, people in ancient Mesopotamia (present day south-central Iraq) studied astrology and tracked the movements of the bodies in the sky. Penny said that the long history of astrology gives modern-day astrologers an authority that comes from years of tradition.

astrolutely header
Astrolutely gives curious folks the answers to their burning astrological questions.

Even though she may stand on the shoulders of giants, Penny has the credentials to back up her astrology insights. She graduated from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and has taught and lectured in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and North America.

Penny studies the positions of planets to make her astrology forecasts and compatibility reports. Astrology may not have a scientific basis, but it does rely on real measurements of the positions of real planetary bodies.

Penny is an expert in astrology and has been a leader in the field since the 1980s. “I’ve been an astrologer for a very long time,” Penny smiled. “It’s been a few decades.”

Lovers Looking to the Skies

Before couples explore Astrolutely’s relationship resources, Penny said they should know a few things about engaging with astrology. She reiterated that astrology should be seen as a guide and not a rulebook. 

Penny steers clear of definitive statements about certain signs. She gave us the example of Madonna not employing Scorpios. In Penny’s opinion, that stance is keeping her from meeting many artists who could inspire her. Penny said that just because an astrology report shows incompatibility with a certain sign, it shouldn’t keep people from dating.

Rather, Penny said astrology can be used to understand trends in what people find attractive, how they deal with their emotions, and how they relate to others. According to Penny, attraction, desire, and relationships are complex, and astrological factors are just a few of many diverse influences.

astrolutely compatibility reports
Astrolutely’s compatibility resources give singles insights.

Curious daters can find information about relationship compatibility for every zodiac sign. Astrolutely’s compatibility resources are organized by gender, including information for relationships with females of the zodiac and males of the zodiac.

Penny gives each zodiac pairing a rating out of 10 and briefly details each astrological pair’s strong and weak areas. For example, if an Aquarius woman is looking for her compatibility with a Leo man, she would go to the category of relationships with males of the zodiac.

Next, she would select the “Aquarius” tab and find her compatibility with Mr. Leo. Lucky for her, they have an 8/10 rating, and both tend to value loyalty and determination. 

Astrolutely Helps Couples Make Connections

Penny makes long-form YouTube videos about various astrology topics. Many of her videos are over an hour long and get into the nitty-gritty of astrological events and predictions. Videos are time-stamped, so folks can find information about a specific sign quickly.

The YouTube channel features a playlist called “The Astrology Handbook.” The first video in this playlist is a 20-minute video about how to read a birth chart. In the video, Penny guides the viewers through each aspect of a birth chart.

Video topics include the full super moon in Pisces, nodal axis changes to Aries-Libra, and the Gemini New Moon. Penny’s astrological reports are full of detailed measurements and authoritative reflections. In each video, she talks about how the movements of planetary bodies will affect each zodiac sign.

astrolutely text logo
Penny curates helpful and insightful astrology information on

Every week, Penny updates Astrolutely with a weekly report for each sign. This report spans a Monday to a Sunday and includes a blurb about the week ahead. Penny also makes monthly and yearly forecasts. Each sign can look at Penny’s weekly, monthly, and yearly predictions.

Penny said that folks who want an in-depth report can check out her The Year Ahead reports. These reasonably priced annual forecasts provide an in-depth look at what each sign can expect in the next year.

Penny presented many astrology insights during the interview, but one tip really stood out. “Definitely use astrology to learn more about what people are about,” she said. “But never, never, never decide not to see somebody because they’re a particular sign. It’s just counterproductive.”