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The Matchmaking Firm Modern Love Club Creates A Transformative Experience for Clients

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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The Short Version: Finding love on your own can be challenging at times. After experiencing one failed date after another, singles can easily start feeling burnt out. Luckily, they don’t have to figure out the whole dating scene alone if they engage the help of a matchmaking service. The New York matchmaking agency Modern Love Club is all about helping singles reach their dating potential. In a busy city where finding a date isn’t easy, Modern Love Club gives people the necessary tools to find their special someone. 

According to the data collected by VeryMindWell, nearly half of Americans think dating is harder now than it was 10 years ago because it’s becoming more challenging to meet people. The idea of dating sounds fun until you realize that finding your true love can take time. Time is something that a lot of people feel they don’t have enough of anymore. Busy singles who barely have time to manage a few self-care routines find it even harder to make time to date. 

The Modern Love Club is a matchmaking agency that is on a mission to transform singles’ love lives. Located in New York, Modern Love Club tends to hundreds of singles around the city. Since its inception, Amy Van Doran, the founder of Modern Love Club, wanted to create a unique matchmaking experience for singles. Inspired by a performance art piece called “The Matchmaker is Present” in which a woman sat in a booth and gave out free love advice, Amy curated Modern Love Club around the idea of interviewing people to give them dating advice. 

Oftentimes, matchmakers can get caught up in finding someone a match and not getting to know the person they’re helping in the first place. Modern Love Club is all about interviewing and getting to know its clients well enough to match them with a person who fits their dating desires. Since it launched, Modern Love Club has interviewed 7,000 people an hour over the last decade.

Alexa Cassill, matchmaker and Amy Van Doran’s assistant, said that personal introductions are a big thing that Modern Love Club does to ensure that it gets to know its clients. She said that the team looks for different aspects of someone’s personality and tries to find people they think would add a lot of value to someone else’s life. Doing this helps the agency produce great matches. 

“A great match should be someone who is supportive, but also challenges someone and expands their horizon. We look for a match that will make them feel very safe, comfortable, and loved,” said Alexa.

Working With Singles Who are Ready for Change

Matchmaking services work best when the client is hungry for change and the matchmaker is willing to help them find that change. People who are not willing to make the necessary changes to help their dating life will be stuck in a cycle of failed results. Dating requires someone to be flexible and willing to learn what works and what doesn’t work for them. 

Alexa told us that one defining trait of an ideal client at Modern Love Club is someone who is very open to the transformative process. With limited spots available for new clients, this is something that Modern Love Club looks at before taking on new clients. When someone is signed on as a client, the matchmakers look for their deal breakers and how they can best serve them. The matchmakers will  proceed with the matchmaking process if they feel it’s a good fit for both parties. 

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Modern Love Club offers one-on-one sessions for singles.

Once the process starts, Modern Love Club goes above and beyond for its clients. As was mentioned earlier, Modern Love Club conducts in-depth interviews with its clients to better understand them. But they also do this for their clients’ potential matches. Before matching someone, matchmakers act on their client’s behalf and get to know prospective matches first. 

Alexa said a matchmaker will essentially go on the first date for their client by conducting the same in-depth interview for every single potential match which ultimately saves their clients time and allows them to sit back and relax.

“When I first met Amy, I thought, ‘She really sees me, I have to try this, she might actually be able to help me find love.’ And you did. You really did,” said an enthusiastic Modern Love Club client in a testimonial

Transforming Daters One Coach Session At a Time

Modern Love Club is all about providing great dating and love advice to people in need. What sets this matchmaking agency apart from the rest is the team’s willingness to make it a personal experience for every client. To achieve real transformation, the Modern Love Club matchmakers understand the importance of having one-on-one time with their clients. 

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Amy Van Doran is the Founder of Modern Love Club.

“I really try to listen as to what it is that someone needs in their life,” said Alexa. “There are cycles that we go through where sometimes we need somebody on our team who is more of a yes person, tender or more supportive. It just depends on what the client is going through.”

The agency offers clients one-on-one coaching sessions during which they discuss their client’s dating objective and how they can reach it. The coaching sessions are typically one hour long and are offered over the phone. During these zoom calls, clients gain a better understanding of themselves and their dating style. 

Modern Love Club has helped singles in more ways than one. Alexa told us that Modern Love Club has also provided styling services for clients, including sometimes going to people’s houses and helping them with interior decorating. 

“It ends up being this whole self-transformational process to help someone reach the best version of themselves,” said Alexa. “As a result, you’re more open and able to welcome love into your life when it presents itself.”

Modern Love Club Provides a New Approach to Dating

Modern Love Club is based in one of the busiest cities in the world, New York City. As you can imagine, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but finding them can still be challenging. Some people think living in a bigger city will help with your dating life but it doesn’t matter how many people you’re surrounded by if you don’t learn healthy dating techniques. 

Thanks to Modern Love Club, singles not only gain a new partner, they learn how to keep them as well. Alexa told us that someone willing to be honest and critically self-reflective achieves the best results. She said the process isn’t just about finding a partner but learning about yourself and what areas you need to work on. 

We can expect more from the Modern Love Club team in the future. Singles who aren’t clients but would still like to be matched can sign up to be a part of the Rolodex. The Rolodex allows people to be matched up with Modern Love Club’s clients. It’s completely free and easy to sign up! 

“At 33, I’d just come off a really bad breakup (that ended in me calling off our wedding). Amy introduced me to my husband after I’d had about four dates with other men. We were married eight months later. Now we’re expecting our first child,” said a Modern Love Club client in a testimonial.