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Terrace On The Park Shares Its Exceptional Venue With Brides at 2022 Fall Showcase

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Couples often struggle with the choice of a wedding venue — one of the most important and financially significant decisions leading up to the wedding. But envisioning what the experience at the location will be like on the day of the event is often difficult for couples to grasp. At Terrace On The Park in Queens, New York, couples don’t need to guess. Couples can attend their Fall showcase and access the venue, meet vendors, sample food, and get a sense of the wedding experience.

Choosing a venue is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. Engaged couples need to consider the cost, the location, and of course, the experience for their guests. But unless a couple is selecting a venue where they have already attended a wedding, gauging what the actual attendee experience will be on the actual day of the event can be challenging. Sometimes couples are left to guess their venue’s quality based on reviews, a short tour, and photos they find online. The venue can often be an essential and expensive risk for the couple. 

Fortunately, at Terrace On The Park, couples don’t need to take that risk. The Queens, New York venue holds two showcases every year — one in the Spring and one in the Fall — so newlyweds-to-be can get a complete and accurate sample of their wedding day experience before they spend big. The Fall 2022 showcase is fast approaching on September 13 from 6 PM until 9:30 PM.

Photo of the building
Located in Queens, Terrace On The Park has excellent views of NYC.

For just $5 online — or $10 at the door — attendees can see Terrace On The Park’s gardens, ballrooms, suites, chapel, rooftop, and penthouse, where they will experience the venue’s breathtaking views. They will get to sample Terrace on the Park’s award-winning cuisine, so they’ll know the exact quality to expect on the big day. They will even meet and experience Terrace On The Park’s preferred vendors, who will give presentations on their work and the services they provide. 

Couples will not have to guess about their wedding experience with Terrace On The Park; they’ll know beforehand that their venue is the perfect place for their big day. When couples attend a venue showcase, they get an excellent picture of their experience for the actual wedding, and their stress about the day dwindles.

The Terrace On The Park team is dedicated to making it a stress-free option for couples. That’s why they showcase and recommend vendors, all to make the decision-making process more accessible and approachable. 

“A stress-free option, that’s what I’m looking for,” Bruno Marques, General Manager at Terrace On The Park, told our team. “The bride is going to have enough stress with choosing flowers, DJs, and everything else that comes up. Here, she just has to sit back and let us do what we do best.”

 A Gorgeous Location in New York City

Anyone can tell that Terrace On The Park is a beautiful venue just from its website, and seeing it in person confirms this for couples. Perched above the historic New York World’s Fair grounds and Flushing Meadows Park in central Queens, Terrace On The Park is an iconic New York City landmark and an absolute one-of-a-kind setting for unforgettable events. Visible for miles, the soaring 120-foot-tall modernist structure features incredible views and photo locations throughout its gorgeous indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Terrace On The Park has five settings for on-site ceremonies, including its private indoor chapel, three outdoor Garden Bowers on the Parkside level, and the Rooftop Wedding Pergola, a uniquely dramatic backdrop with 360-degree views of the New York City skyline. With so many picturesque spaces, the venue is the perfect site for the wedding day that will leave couples with lovely memories for years to come. 

Photo of the showcase
The Terrace On The Park Fall showcase is the perfect opportunity for couples to find the right wedding venue.

In New York City, finding a spacious venue with a beautiful outdoor area can be challenging. But at Terrace On The Park, you get the best of both worlds: a large and magnificent venue in the heart of Queens.

“You have unobstructed views of the New York skyline and unobstructed views of Brooklyn,” Bruno said. “If you take the penthouse, it’s an exclusive level upstairs, indoor and outdoor, a private space. You can do the actual ceremony out there.”

Couples who attend the venue showcase can get a complete picture of the different spacial offerings in the venue and options for where to hold their ceremony. But no matter their choice, they’ll have a beautiful space to complement their event.

Expert Vendors at Your Service

After a couple has selected their wedding venue, their work has just begun. Selecting vendors and coordinating with each group can be incredibly difficult for the couple and come with its unknowns. That’s why Terrace At The Park brings its preferred vendors to the Fall showcase so that couples can get suggestions for expert vendors and those familiar with the Terrace On The Park venue and team. 

“At the vendor showcase, people get to see all the vendors we recommend,” Bruno told us. “They check in and go through all the rooms, and we have the tables decorated with centerpieces, and they can take the elevators up to ballroom levels for the showcase rooms with all these vendors, and they get great rates, great specials. It’s a great time to come in and get what you need.”

Couples can meet a wide variety of wedding industry professionals, including photographers, videographers, DJs & entertainers, cake specialists, event planners, and hotel representatives. They can see examples of photo booths, lighting, furniture and décor, and even view a selection of limousines on display. Couples are not required to work with or use any of the vendors and services they encounter at the showcase, but they provide excellent examples of what couples can expect to have at a Terrace On The Park wedding. 

Photo of a wedding showcase
Couples can access full demonstrations of different vendors’ services before their big day.

The Terrace On The Park team has special deals, partnerships, and packages with many of the vendors at the showcase. Working with some of these providers is an excellent option for couples trying to make wise spending decisions in preparation for their weddings.

In addition to outside vendors, couples will have the opportunity to meet with Terrace On The Park’s excellent team of managers, who are excited to work with couples directly and walk them through the stress-free process of getting married at the venue. 

“The couples sit down with the manager, go over the menus and space, work with the manager again two months prior to the wedding, and then sit with the finalist who goes over the final details: color of linens, cake selections, fillings, number of guests, and so on,” Bruno said. It’s a simple process designed to simplify the couple’s event as much as possible.

Make Your Wedding Magical at Terrace On The Park

Your wedding is one of the most significant milestones in your life. You should share it with all of your family and friends in a venue that is both beautiful and meaningful to you and your partner. At Terrace On The Park’s Fall showcase, you will be able to see how special the venue can be. You will fall in love with the iconic New York views, the fascinating architecture, and the excellent staff of wedding professionals dedicated to giving you the best day possible. You’ll leave knowing that Terrace On The Park will provide you with the wedding experience you deserve. 

After getting married at Terrace On The Park in 2018, Gina left a five-star review on WeddingWire. “Honestly, there is nothing I would change,” she said. “Everything was as perfect as I could have wanted from beginning to end. I am so glad that we decided on Terrace On The Park.”

The staff at Terrace On The Park is warm, intelligent, and committed to each wedding’s success. “We have a phenomenal team   —   without them, Terrace is nothing,” Bruno said. “I have to give everyone huge credit. Everyone who puts it together is superb.”