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Broadcast Your True Self And Find Streams You Love on LiveMe

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: With so many livestreaming platforms available, deciding which option is best can be difficult. People who want a platform that prioritizes community connections and user-friendly features should look no further than LiveMe. A veteran in the livestreaming space, LiveMe was created by one of the founders of in 2016. Since then, the platform has grown to foster relationships between users and creators through gamified livestreaming interactions and an equitable stream recommendation system. The platform supports diverse communities and creators across the globe and hosts annual in-person events. 

When televisions were first introduced to Americans, the public gathered around storefronts and packed into local bars to catch a glimpse of the exciting and astonishing feat of modern technology. At the time, television sets were too expensive for the average American household, but nearly a century later, 92% of Americans have a smartphone. 

This means that most Americans have the ability to do something that was once exclusively the realm of the biggest TV corporations – broadcast themselves live. Livestreaming has long been a cornerstone of the internet and has proved to be a mainstay in the fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape. Like so many developments in modern technology, many Americans can remember a time when something that we now consider as simple as livestreaming would have felt like an impossibility.

LiveMe is an app that’s making livestreaming better. With thousands of diverse creators and a dedicated user base, LiveMe connects people across the world through livestreaming. LiveMe was founded in 2016 and has established itself as a fixture in the livestreaming scene.

LiveMe creators include musicians, singers, actors, DJs, and storytellers, and users can go live with one tap. LiveMe supports its community of creators with livestreaming features that allow viewers to give gifts and interact.

Conan Zhang is a member of LiveMe’s marketing team, and he told us about the app, how it stands apart from other livestreaming platforms, and the diverse community of users and creators. “We want to give every talent a stage to show their passion,” he said. “Whether it’s singing, dancing, or just doing a talk show, LiveMe is the platform for anyone livestreaming.”

Social App Meets Livestreaming

There are so many apps and platforms for livestreaming today that it can be difficult for users to decide which will best suit their needs. Conan said a few things make LiveMe stand out from the rest, but the biggest one is its history in the livestreaming space.

“Our founder and CEO, Yuki He, was previously a board member at,” Conan said. “After was sold and eventually became TikTok, she wanted to make a platform that was just for livestreaming. LiveMe is the so-called OG in the livestreaming industry.”

Conan said that LiveMe was initially very focused on the social media aspect of livestreaming. While other livestreaming platforms may cater to specific kinds of content, like gaming or comedy, LiveMe was designed to be for everyone. “Initially, people came to LiveMe to show their talents, be themselves, and meet new people,” Conan said. “As competitors began to integrate ways for creators to make incomes from livestreaming, we decided to adapt.”

liveme logo
LiveMe has been in the livestreaming space since 2016.

Livestreaming has changed in a lot of ways since it was first introduced, but one of the biggest changes was the introduction of gamified interactions between users and creators. “From that moment, we began shifting our focus,” Conan said. “We developed our pay matrix, where everyone has the ability to earn money on LiveMe.”

Gifting features on LiveMe allow users to earn badges and gain rewards once they reach different levels on the app. Users can send their favorite streamers gifts while they stream, and LiveMe creators often host livestreams where they ‘battle’ for gifts and likes from users.

LiveMe, unlike other large livestreaming services, is a platform where everyday users can build communities through livestreaming. Other livestreaming platforms use algorithms that push the most popular content, leaving users who aren’t internet-famous in the dark.

“Unlike other social platforms LiveMe is a place where anyone can go live at any level and be successful doing it,” Conan said. “Our platform isn’t an algorithmically focused app but we have a search bar based on different content categories so the content that is popular is specific to the talent, giving Creators the opportunity to find their crowd.”

Diverse Users Make Real Connections

From the beginning, LiveMe has been about strengthening communities within and outside of the app. “Our users are from all over the world, many in large cosmopolitan cities – but others are from smaller towns and more rural areas where LiveMe offers them connections and community that they might not otherwise find in their physical location.” Conan said. LiveMe’s unique and diverse user base distinguishes the app from other platforms.

“The demographic of our community is pretty diverse,” Conan said. “We have people who identify as Asian, Hispanic, Black, people all over the world. People support each other. We love that different kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds get together and form communities. It’s not like any other mainstream platform.”

liveme livestreaming platform
Whether you want to create content or watch livestreams, LiveMe is the platform for you.

Users can create a LiveMe account for free and begin interacting with the app’s many features. They can search by geographical area to find livestreams or go to the Hot section, which is always updated with fresh streams from across the globe.

Creators are streaming nearly every kind of content on LiveMe, from lively video game play-throughs to casual get-ready-with-me streams.

While LiveMe users have plenty of talents, Conan said the platform’s focus is on building personal connections. “A lot of other platforms have these content-focusing algorithms, but we’re focused on people’s connections. We focus on people, not content. So LiveMe users follow and support people, rather than content, that they love.”

Conan said LiveMe’s focus on users rather than content sets it apart from other livestreaming platforms. The platform extends this focus through offline events open to all LiveMe users, not just the super famous ones. 

“Livestreaming flourished during COVID, and once it had ended everyone wanted to meet up in person,” he said. “So, every month we invite our existing VIP members and local creators to an event in Chiacgo, and we also do annual, larger events.” 

LiveMe Prioritizes Platform Safety

LiveMe takes user safety seriously and has a 24-hour moderation team that keeps the platform safe. “We have a 200-person team that works around the clock watching content,” Conan explained. “If users see something inappropriate that violates community guidelines, they can click and report it to our team, and they’ll deal with it instantly.”

Besides a dedicated moderation team, LiveMe has clear policies that every user and creator agrees to when they sign up for the platform. “We also have a very clear policy that everyone can see on our homepage. Like any other platform, we’re strict about our rules and what kind of content will be banned. We’re 100% non-tolerant of policy violations,” Conan said.

liveme be the star you are
LiveMe was designed for people looking for community and friendships.

Conan told us LiveMe is always looking to improve and diversify its features. Right now, the app is focused on interactive content. Interactive games and other in-stream features allow users to engage with other users and the LiveMe platform in new and exciting ways.

LiveMe is also in the process of developing AI features that have the potential to transform livestreaming as we know it.

Over the next year, LiveMe is exploring how AI can be used to create an avatar that can mimic a creator’s image and voice. This technology could be used to allow streamers to continue their stream, even when they’re off-camera. The LiveMe team is in the process of developing a super assistance tool powered by AI, which would help creators and users earn more gifts and interact with stream chats more easily.

“Our slogan is my stage, my crowd,” Conan said. “It’s not like other platforms, where people purely want to take off and get famous and gain a huge following. LiveMe is for anyone who wants to meet people and make communities. People come here to have fun, and it’s a welcoming platform for every kind of person.”