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The Cobble App Shows Couples How to Have a Good Time

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Falling in love is a beautiful thing that everyone deserves to experience. Finding someone worth being in a relationship with can be a challenge in itself, but maintaining a relationship is a whole different ball game. An important part of being in a relationship is putting in the effort to keep the romance alive and well. Thanks to the Cobble app, no couple has to worry about doing it alone. Cobble is the go-to app that helps people discover new and fun things to do together in New York City or at home. 

Whether they’ve been together 10 years or a couple of months, couples need to incorporate fun things to do together to maintain a healthy relationship. According to Our Relationship, couples who build date nights into their relationships tend to experience better communication, greater affection, and more gratitude for one another. Investing in activities that spice up your relationship is worthwhile because that leads to the long-lasting relationship you always desired. 

Keeping the romance alive in relationships isn’t easy. There are only so many Netflix-and-chill nights you can do before you start to want something more. To help couples overcome the struggles of planning out dates for themselves, the Cobble app turns routine date nights into exciting new ones.  

Headshot ofm CEO and founder of Cobble, Jordan Scott.
CEO and founder of Cobble, Jordan Scott.

Coming from a background in journalism and screenwriting, Cobble CEO and founder , Jordan Scott, never imagined herself starting a tech company. It wasn’t until she found her Mr. Right that she realized the importance of having thoughtful dates. Jordan’s first date with her partner was a masterfully planned excursion to a nice dinner spot and jazz club, but the couple couldn’t sustain that level of romance week after week, year after year.

As their love grew, Jordan discovered they often struggled to answer the question “what do you want to do tonight?” 

As a solution, Jordan created the blog IDK Tonight and posted different date ideas around New York City. Jordan realized she wasn’t the only one who wanted to go on more interesting date nights, so she created the Cobble app. Jordan told us that, while many dating apps help people find one another, none of them answer the question of what comes next. Jordan decided to do something to change that and offer couples more support on their date nights. 

“We’re focused on the utility and efficiency of the decision-making tool rather than just being a what-to-do kind of app. There are so many websites and apps out there, but we really care about driving decisions between people on great curated content,” said Jordan.

Creating New Memories & More Dates

The Cobble team values inclusivity, spontaneity, and quality guidance. They believe that when they make better decisions together, they make better lives together. The people who use Cobble not only gain new memories from the experiences they encounter but gain support as well. Jordan told us that Cobble makes the plans, and members just have to show up and have fun. 

Whether it’s hiking a local trail or learning how to cook a recipe, Cobble offers an array of activities for people to choose from for date night. People in relationships often share different interests in what they like to do — and that’s OK. Cobble offers a fun way to discover new experiences that both partners can appreciate.

Screenshot of couple using Cobble.
Cobble helps couples combine their interests in making the perfect date.

By combining their interests on the Cobble app, individual users can swipe yes on activities they’d enjoy for their date night and see where they match with their partner or friend. This helps couples find common ground without the tedious back and forth when trying to decide.  

“My boyfriend and I have different tastes in a lot of things, but this app allows us to focus on what we’re both interested in and there are so many things to choose from!” said a Cobble user in a review. 

Since Cobble launched, the team’s primary focus has been to feature restaurants, shows, and activities for the New York market. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team noticed that Cobble’s potential wasn’t just confined to helping New Yorkers. Jordan shared that during the pandemic Cobble expanded to cultivate more stay-at-home experiences for people in any location. 

Now anyone from anywhere in the world can utilize Cobble at no charge. The team diligently works toward overcoming indecisiveness in the dating and social scene. In doing so, people have the chance to create more memories and go on even more dates. 

“We’ve grown almost 20% month over month since we’ve launched,” said Jordan. “We have our power users that are making plans, matching with their partners and friends, and basically using Cobble as their third-wheel planner.”

Saying Goodbye to Boring Nights on the Couch

Settling for boring date nights and dry friend group chats is not what Cobble wants for its members. According to the Cobble team, no one should have to resort to the typical Google searches when trying to plan a great night out. Members can swipe through a selection of cool things to do and share them with their significant others or their friends.

Cobble commits to helping couples spice up their date nights and reviving friendships as well. Jordan told us that the company has expanded beyond couples because Cobble is all about nurturing relationships, whatever those relationships might be. Now thanks to the AI matchmaking, members can swipe through a curated list of activities and let the Cobble team take on the role of the planner of their friend group.

Screenshot from website.
Users can swipe through activities on Cobble to find shared interests.

“Cobble has been amazing at pairing fun stay-home options and going out activities/dining experiences. It takes the stress out of it all and allows you to enjoy your time more with the people you’re choosing to spend it with. Whether I’ve used it with my sister, friends, or husband, it’s helped to plan amazing dates/fun times out!” said a Cobble user in a review

Cobble dedicated a whole section of guides to make the planning process even easier. The guides offer a list of different activities to do around town or specific places to go that fit members’ needs. For instance, one list appeals to dog lovers who don’t want to leave their pup alone at the house. 

A lot of people can use Cobble to enjoy the stress-free planning of date nights, girls nights, and other friendly hangouts. 

“B and I live for little adventures, exploring, and love games, so Cobble is perfect for us. We love discovering new ideas and matching on dates. I love the little scheduling feature because it turns the idea into reality.” said a Cobble user in a review. 

Cobble: Less Time Planning. More Time Together.

Members have access to so many resources on Cobble, so they don’t have any excuses as to why their Friday night wasn’t lit. Going by the motto, “less time planning, more time together,” the Cobble team continues to think of new ways to help members spend more quality time together without the pressure of having to come up with ideas and make plans on their own. 

Picture of Cobble's logo.
Cobble is expanding into 15 different U.S. cities by the end of 2022.

Cobble is open to improvements and asks members for input to help make decision-making easier for all. In just a three-minute quiz, members can share how they plan dinner with their friends. The Cobble team uses this information to improve the app altogether and give other members the tools they need to follow through with plans.

As an app founder, Jordan said that her passion for Cobble motivates her to keep learning, growing, and hustling. She told us that making decisions easier for people is rewarding in itself and that she looks forward to expanding the Cobble brand in 15 U.S. cities by the end of 2022. 

The Cobble team is hiring more people to have more hands-on assistance and create a better experience for app users. The Cobble app currently adds approximately 150 new ideas to its list every week, and it boasts having 954,508-plus saved ideas for members to try — and it’s not stopping there. 

“You never regret going somewhere or doing something with someone that you care about. There’s only regret when you stay at home bored,” said Jordan. “I’m a huge advocate for taking care of yourself and taking breaks when you need to, but life is so short and we should just say yes to more experiences.”