Listia Easy Way To Sell Unwanted Stuff From Old Relationships

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Listia: A Fun & Easy Way to Sell Unwanted Stuff From an Old Relationship & Find Something New to Take Its Place

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Listia is an online marketplace where you can turn unwanted junk into virtual currency and then use that extra cash to buy electronics, clothing, jewelry, or even cars. Over 10 million people have posted listings and bid on items on Listia, and most of them have come away with a good deal. Thanks to Listia, and its new social-savvy sister site, Replin, men and women who are newly single can get rid of their physical clutter and emotional baggage while saving up to buy the things they truly want.

The clutter from a past relationship can stay with you for a long time after your breakup. Your ex may have moved on, but his or her stuff can be a lot harder to get out of your life. All those little trinkets and memories can still haunt you long after that special someone has ghosted you. It’s the DVDs he never bothered to collect or the engagement ring she told you she didn’t want to keep. Every lingering item is an unwanted reminder of your old flame.

It’s hard to move on with all that stuff weighing you down. Sometimes the best thing to do is to get rid of that junk and start fresh. Listia can help with that.

The Listia logo

Listia’s most popular listed items include cell phones, video game consoles, and collectibles.

Listia is an online marketplace where people can sell everything from promise rings to mattresses. No money exchanges hands between users. Instead, sellers get credits called Ink that they can then use to buy other items on the website. Basically, you’re turning stuff you don’t want into stuff you do want, and it only takes a few clicks to make it happen.

Over 10 million people have joined Listia and cleaned out their closets, junk drawers, garages, kitchens, and bedrooms one listing at a time.

Many Listia members browse the site in hopes of discovering hidden treasures in the used goods. One woman even bought her wedding dress on Listia. The online marketplace offers a fun and lucrative hobby that can help people clean house and trade in the old for something new.

“We’ve tried to create a lightweight experience that’s as quick and easy as possible,” Gee Chuang, Listia’s CEO and CoFounder, said. “When you sell something, you earn virtual currency called Ink, and it really feels like found money.”

Backing Buyers & Sellers Across the U.S.

The idea for Listia began with two college buddies and a pair of snowboarding boots. James Fong wanted to get rid of his old boots, but finding a buyer online was a huge hassle. After he got stood up by a would-be buyer, James decided enough was enough. He teamed up with his friend Gee Chuang to develop a website that could help people sell used goods without a lot of effort or headaches.

Photo of Listia Co-Founders Gee Chuang and James Fong

Gee Chuang and James Fong designed Listia to be an alternative to other online marketplaces.

When James and Gee launched Listia in 2009, they hoped to solve a specific problem, and they ended up rallying an online community around the website. “It’s become a really social marketplace,” Gee explained. “It’s not just a place to buy and sell things — it’s almost like a social network.”

Every new Listia member starts with 100 XNK in their accounts, so they can start shopping and bidding right away. The easiest way to earn more Ink is to list and sell personal items on the site, but Listia members can also buy Ink directly.

Listia streamlines the buying and selling process, so users can quickly trade in their junk for tech, collectibles, clothing, and other valuable items. Rhonda Christine Johnson even got her wedding dress on Listia, and she wrote a testimonial to thank the team for saving her hundreds of dollars.

Screenshot of Listia

Singles can sell unwanted souvenirs from past relationships.

“I joined Listia with the mindset of getting rid of a bunch of clutter and maybe getting some items for my upcoming vow renewal ceremony,” Rhonsa said. “I had no idea that I would find and win the most beautiful wedding gown ever. It is more beautiful than I imagined, and it fits perfectly! Wow, just wow.”

Listia makes it easy to list items on the platform and earn Ink for every sale. You don’t even need to write a description or set a price. Just take a picture and put it out there. A bidding war will break out and determine how much your item is worth. This beginner-friendly marketplace makes newcomers feel comfortable selling their used goods.

As a community-driven startup, Listia always has its users’ back, and the team builds trust among users by offering The Listia Assurance. The site promises a full refund if sold items aren’t the same as the listing or if a dispute arises between buyer and seller.

“We try to make it easy to get started and have an enjoyable experience,” Gee said. “Because we took the time to give Listia that personal touch, we’ve created this remarkable community that has led to so many good stories, and we’re really happy to have made an impact in that way.”

Introducing Replin: A Marketplace Powered by Social Media

Since 2009, Listia has established a trustworthy reputation as an online marketplace. The website successfully tapped into a national network of middle-income American consumers, and its loyal members have heaped praise upon the startup company.

“I’ve been a member of Listia for a year now, and it has been such a positive experience,” said Joiebelle in a 2011 review. “I just wanted to thank the owners/moderators at Listia for keeping the selling climate so positive here and for always being so quick to try to resolve problems when they arise.”

Gee and James intend to keep those good vibes going by creating more tools to serve this unique community. In March 2019, the team unveiled Replin, a platform that links social media accounts with online selling.

Replin uses the power of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to get more eyes on its users’ goods. The site is all about building reputation and allowing users to connect through their established networks. Replin is still in beta testing, but it has already gotten glowing reviews and has a five-star rating on Google Play.

“Decentralized reputation is the future, and Replin is leading the way,” said William Shuman in a review. “Super easy to import past feedback.”

Replin logo

Replin empowers people to build a reputation across multiple marketplaces.

Thanks to Replin’s simple tools, Listia users can import various seller’s profiles to this new platform, showcase their user feedback across multiple sites, and get paid instantly via PayPal. This system makes it easy to sell items on multiple sites. Members can import feedback from eBay, for instance, and then use that reputation to post a listing on Facebook.

Replin ensures that new users don’t have to start from scratch when selling an item for the first time on Facebook, Craigslist, Reddit, and other platforms. They can use their existing connections and reputation to build an audience for their online auctions.

As the Replin website says, “No single marketplace should own your reputation.”

Gee and James have taken everything they’ve learned when building and running Listia to create this new buyer and seller experience. You can get started on Replin by linking to your PayPal account and then start selling goods on any marketplace you want.

Listia: Declutter Your Life & Get Some Swag

Sometimes a relationship ends abruptly, and you’re left with a lot of questions and a drawer full of stuff you no longer need or want. It can be painful to carry those vestiges of a lost love, so why not get rid of them and turn your pain into profit?

Listia can inspire people to get rid of the unnecessary stuff in their homes and start over with a clean slate. The marketplace makes it easy for you to offer up your stuff to the internet and build credits, so you can buy something more worthwhile.

Whether you’re coping with a breakup or just trying to save money wherever you can, Listia can help you clear out some space and make room for something bigger and better on the horizon.

“Listia is all about making it fun and easy to declutter,” Gee said. “We never expected the community to grow as big and diverse as it has, and it’s been great to see people take junk and use it to buy things like wedding dresses and cars.”