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Explore Non-Monogamous Relationships on Ysos, A Dating App for the Open-Minded

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Whether you’re single or in an open relationship and looking to meet people with similar kinks, Ysos is one dating app you’ll want to download. With over 1 million users in Brazil, the app continues to grow as developers look to expand in the U.S. after launching locally last December. Ysos is free to download and available for both Android and iOS. 

CMO Mayumi Sato helped launch Ysos in 2018 after success with her first project, Sexlog, a social network for seniors in Brazil. The site is focused on building a dating community for singles and couples looking to explore their sexuality without being judged. 

Mayumi claims that since the Sexlog online community founded a decade ago was too explicit to be an app, Ysos is an ideal fit for those curious about polyamory or other ethically non-monogamous individuals. It’s a judgment-free environment where users can openly discuss their sexual fetishes and or plan to meet up for dates. 

Ysos allows users interested in casual dating, hooking up, or something more long-term to easily see what’s out there. While the app may appear to be a dating app for hookups, Mayumi said it is a safe space that’s community-based. 

“It’s for open-minded people, but it’s especially built for couples who want to do things together,” Mayumi explained. “And our community is pretty straightforward…They want to have fun.”

The app prides itself on being discreet and secure. It allows users to find matches close to them based on shared interests. You can make new friends if that’s your main goal, whether you are single or as a couple, explore quick flings, or find a new partner for a more committed non-monogamous relationship, regardless of gender or orientation.

A Safe Way to Meet for Those Wanting an Open Relationship

It’s important for those interested in nontraditional relationships to feel a sense of community on and offline. Ysos offers users the freedom to explore and have fun. Other apps are more focused on finding a life partner, but this app is more about having a good time with friends. 

“They are offering something to their communities to build deep relationships,” Mayumi explained. “And in our case, we just think that…you can have some fun…and end up having good friends and a good community around you. You’re never truly going to feel alone anymore.”

ysos dating app
Ysos is designed for couples in open relationships.

Mayumi explained that she has been in open relationships for most of her life and has had a partner for over 13 years, yet this has not been accepted by those around her. “I hear from people, okay, but it’s not a marriage…it’s not serious, right? You’re not really together,” Mayumi told us. “I think this is something that our community struggles with a little bit.” 

Since users are urged to express their desires on the app, developers get a better understanding of what users are really after when they join. 

“We know exactly what they want, what they’re looking for,” Mayumi told us. “We are applying some of this knowledge to explain the expansion in the U.S., and this is what we’re doing right now…we are in an exploratory phase in the U.S.” 

Ysos developers are trying to understand more about the U.S. market and specific communities of interest. They’re interested in knowing more about how the private and nonjudgmental platform can better cater to these individuals.

Maintain Anonymity and Practice Discretion When Dating on Ysos

Safety is of the utmost importance for the app’s users due to the nature of the relationships encouraged. Mayumi explained that the main difference between Ysos and other mainstream dating apps is the app’s overall inclusivity and affinity for unconventional relationships. The sire has even dubbed itself the official swingers app on the product page of the Google Play store.

After you’ve registered your account and provided a brief description of who you are and what you’re looking for, you’re bound to meet other like-minded daters you connect with who are open to engaging in ethical non-monogamy and other atypical practices. 

Non-monogamous relationships have often been looked down upon in the past, but in more recent years, they have become much less taboo. 

ysos dating app
Ysos has features that make connections simple.

Ysos requires users to verify their phone numbers when creating their accounts to avoid fake profiles. It also provides interest filters so users can choose which profiles are best suited for them. Only people from those selected profiles can chat with them. You can also talk without being a subscriber. 

Once you’ve liked a profile and have been likedback, you’re able to send unlimited private messages at no cost. “You can have a profile or share with your partner,” Mayumi explained to us. 

“So you can talk to someone and, like, at the same time,your partner is talking to him or her. Ssomething that we try to educate to the third person is that you have to respect the previous relationship.” 

It’s imperative for daters who connect with non-monogamous couples to understand boundaries and respect their rules to maintain a harmonious connection.

The app has a strict process each user must undergo before uploading photos. The app requires users who want to have a profile photo to send in documentation that proves that they are who they say they are. If users fail to do so they will be banned from using the app and receive a red flag from the community. 

“All the profiles, they have a hidden gallery…sometimes people…don’t want to show off their face,” Mayumi explained. “For us, it’s absolutely ok. If you don’t want to put your face on your profile or your main pictures, you can do it and put it on the hidden gallery.”  

All uploaded images are watermarked, and the hidden gallery is only visible to users who have already matched. The app also uses a screen lock PIN so your private information is safe.

U.S. Expansion, Community Events, and Other Opportunities 

With the app’s recent U.S. launch, the company is currently observing this market to see what its American users are interested in compared to Brazil’s. 

“After three or four months, we’re willing to understand more about where the communities are,” Mayumi explained. “We have good results in some states – California, Texas, and Florida. But we are open to the whole country.” 

A few states have larger communities of people interested in nontraditional romantic relationships, but the app is available nationwide. Ysos is focused on a few select cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Antonio, San Diego, and San Francisco, where interest has piqued.

ysos dating app use
Ysos is available in select U.S. cities.

Ysos is currently looking to hire a community manager for its U.S. launch. They’re looking for someone who is not only open-minded but, ideally, also already a part of the swinger community. This would be the go-to person for event management and Ysos’ user queries. 

Mayumi also mentioned that there’s an annual event hosted in Brazil called Sex Summit, all about sex, sex technology, dating trends, and the like that those interested in Ysos may be interested in attending. 

Whether you’re new to the world of open relationships or you’re a non-monogamous couple and want to explore online dating with someone new, you’ll enjoy Ysos’ casual approach to relationships. The app prioritizes privacy and makes connecting in a judgment-free environment with like-minded individuals a breeze.