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Master Matchmakers Innovates Dating for Modern Singles

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Finding a partner can feel more difficult the older you get. The team at Master Matchmakers designed the matchmaking service to make dating easier for everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, politics or gender. With extensive onboarding, screening, and client support measures, the Master Matchmakers team ensures the singles in their program get the best possible experience.

Dating can feel like it gets harder and harder as you age. You may find the pool of eligible partners is declining in quality or that the norms of dating are different from what you recall from your teens or early twenties. After the end of a marriage or serious relationship, putting yourself out there again can feel like learning how to walk. And if you have children, juggling your parental responsibilities with finding someone who understands your priorities is a tricky undertaking.

JoAnn Ward saw firsthand how difficult it can be to meet someone special after divorce and having children. She founded Master Matchmakers to help others overcome the struggles of dating. “After representing countless professionals one-on-one for hire, she enlisted my help to design information systems and technology specifically for people looking for love,” Steven Ward, JoAnn’s son and CEO of Master Matchmakers told me.

Matchmakers often disagree about how much technology they should incorporate into their businesses. They want to maintain the personal touch that singles look for when working with a matchmaker. At the same time, matchmakers don’t want to be stuck in the past. When done right, using technology can help matchmakers reach more people, keep track of information, and keep their users safe.

Master Matchmakers has done an excellent job of incorporating innovative technologies into their business model. 

“With advanced algorithms, machine learning, and other cutting-edge, proprietary technology at our disposal, Master Matchmakers is the only nationwide matchmaking service that can authenticate almost anything about anyone,” Steven said. “Our homegrown verification technology has increased their size and scale by orders of magnitude over the past 20 years.”

At the same time, the organization is dedicated to providing a personalized human experience when it comes to matchmaking. They never cut corners or let machines do jobs that require an empathetic touch. 

“In addition to offering an efficient and effective way of meeting authentic singles, Master Matchmakers also provides personal coaching and specific, actionable advice for their clients on topics ranging from relationship tips and etiquette guidelines all the way up through more serious issues such as financial security in long-term commitments,” Steven shared.

A Thorough Onboarding Process

Master Matchmakers stands out in the industry for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious one is its sophisticated verification and onboarding processes. The company goes the extra mile to vet newcomers and keep existing members safe. 

The vetting process goes beyond a regular background check. The Master Matchmakers team works hard to make sure that all singles in their orbit meet the same standards of excellence so they can build relationships with people on their level. Their profile information and personal backgrounds are examined for accuracy.

“Master Matchmakers is an exclusive service that specializes in representing outstanding singles to find their match,” Steven said. “Our onboarding process is designed to weed out the misfits and to ensure that all our clients are matched with people who are representing themselves completely truthfully.”

Before clients can start the actual matching process, they meet with a matchmaker, who  makes sure the program is a good fit for them, and fill out an extensive personal profile. 

The team at Master Matchmakers has put a great deal of effort into keeping their client pool safe and elite.

“The first step of the Master Matchmakers onboarding process involves completing a simple profile highlighting your interests, values, and lifestyle preferences,” Steven said. “This helps Master Matchmakers better understand what kind of person would be best suited for each individual client. After submitting this information, clients will coordinate a qualification call where background information and preferences in a partner will be discussed.”

Once the client is onboarded, the search for partners can begin. Matchmakers combine their experiential knowledge and conversations with the client with Master Matchmakers software to find ideal partners.

“Master Matchmakers can begin its search by going through its extensive database using proprietary algorithms to identify potential partners based on shared interests and compatibility criteria set forth by each person,” Steven told us. “This ensures that only those who meet pre-established standards are presented as possible matches.”

Dedicated and Skilled Team Members

The team at Master Matchmakers excels at providing their clients with the best technological tools the industry has to offer. The professionals also have years of matchmaking experience and training under their belt. 

“Master Matchmakers is a team of experienced matchmaking professionals who are dedicated to helping singles find love,” Steven said. “The team consists of nearly twenty seasoned matchmakers and coaches, each with their own unique set of skills and expertise in the dating industry. We offer personalized services that range from one-on-one coaching sessions to full-service VIP packages, all tailored specifically for each individual client’s needs and desires.”

When you work with a matchmaker, you want to make sure that you’re getting more out of the experience than you would on a free dating app. Working with real people should help you maximize your chances of getting paired with potential partners who match you. 

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Working with a matchmaker brings perspective and experience to your dating process.

The Master Matchmakers staff is committed to giving you the most personalized experience possible. They aren’t just putting names through software and seeing what comes out; they are meticulously matching you with the person you’re most compatible with. 

“The collective values shared by them are based on providing quality customer service, creating meaningful connections between clients and potential partners, fostering an inclusive environment for everyone involved in the process, and maintaining high ethical standards within their practice as well as respect for confidentiality agreements made with clients,” Steven said. 

The team believes strongly in delivering positive outcomes through honest communication about expectations prior to entering into any relationship or agreement with a client or partner. Whether you’re working with the Master Matchmakers team or dating someone you met through the service, you’re encouraged to be transparent with those you’re dealing with.

Find Your Person With Master Matchmakers

With Master Matchmakers, finding viable, high-quality partners is worlds easier than it is on your own. Not only do you have access to an elite group of singles, but you also have the support and guidance of trained matchmakers helping you find the right person. 

When you start working with Master Matchmakers, you may not even be entirely sure what you’re looking for in a partner. But after talking with your matchmaker and learning more about the process, you’ll quickly gain a better understanding of what you need to look for in a partner and what traits will best work with your personality.

“Master Matchmakers offers the opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced coach who will get to know you as a client on a personal level and develop a working relationship based on communication, respect, and trust,” Steven said. “This allows them to be candid with you and help you make more informed decisions when considering a potential match.”

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Working with Master Matchmakers is an effective way to find a compatible partner.

Swiping on a dating app will show you many people, some of whom would make wonderful partners. But with limited help and profile information, you’re likely to meet individuals you have little in common with before finding a great match. 

With Master Matchmakers, by contrast, the only people suggested to you have been vetted by a professional who knows both of you and thinks that you would be great together. It’s harder to make the wrong decision.

“Working with Master Matchmakers is an excellent way to find a compatible partner,” Steven said. “With our personalized approach and experienced matchmaking team, we provide a unique service that can be very useful to discreet singles seeking a relationship.”