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6 Seriously Cool Date Hacks That Can Upgrade Your Time Together

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

It takes more than just a few charming words to keep your date interested. Landing a date for Saturday night may look like the end of the dating challenges, but keeping your date entertained is a whole different task. Whether it’s your first date or your regularly scheduled couple date night, impressing your date should always be on your to-do list. 

From romantic dinners to movie nights, there is always a way to spice up your date. You don’t have to spend billions of dollars to show off your personality and get your date to laugh. With the world evolving, there are more tricks and tools available for daters to use. 

You don’t have to know rocket science to have a great date. The best dates are those that incorporate sentimental moments where the chemistry occurs organically. Thanks to our dating experts, we were able to come up with 6 cool date hacks that can certainly make any date an interesting one. 

1. AirSelfie

Inspired by the selfie stick, AirSelfie was created to capture aerial photos, group pictures, and more special moments in between. Couples love to snap a picture on their date hoping to capture a memory of the places they visit or what they eat. For some couples, it’s all about showing off their fit — hoping to get a picture Instagram-worthy. 

Instead of having to use the standard iPhone camera, AirSelfie allows people to capture quality photos without having to use their hands. The Air NEO selfie drone allows couples to take amazing pictures and videos with the click of a button. Couples never have to worry about asking someone to take their picture because the Air NEO is a personal pocket-sized photographer. 

Screenshot from website.
Air NEO selfie drone is fun to do with your date.

“The main element we want to capture is the experience and uniqueness of the product,” the AirSelfie team told us. 

Outside of capturing great memories, AirSelfie is known to bring joy to any occasion. Users brag about how much fun they have when using AirSelfie. It’s an entertaining element to a date that you never knew you needed. 

Who knew taking photos and videos would be so beneficial to dates? The AirSelfie team, that’s who! The AirSelfie spokesperson told us that the team wants users to know that they’re not just buying a gadget but an experience. It’s impressive to show off your cool gadgets and give your date a taste of the future of technology. 

“My girlfriend and I had a great time using the NEO. So great for quick photos with your significant other. LOVE THIS THING!” shared Alex, an AirSelfie user in a testimonial

2. JustinGuitar

Have you ever seen those movies where the guy gets the girl after he sweeps her off her feet with a serenading performance? As cliché as that may sound, serenading your significant other on a date is a memory they will never forget. 

For some people, music is known to be the ultimate way to express your love for someone. Sometimes you may not have the right words to say to your partner, but by strumming your guitar, you may be able to convey the message. With the help of JustinGuitar, anyone can learn what it takes to perform a true gesture of love. 

JustinGuitar was founded by guitarist Justin Sandercoe who wanted to help other people learn such a beautiful skill. Justin teaches people regardless of their current experience level. He offers over 1,800 lessons and song tutorials for beginners, intermediate, and advanced guitar players. 

The best part about JustinGuitar is that Justin wants to help you achieve whatever you have in mind. If you want to learn a new love song or try to impress your date with a favorite song Justin can help you with that. Courses are offered by style as well, those who wish to play a certain tune can choose whichever style they find fitting for their needs.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to impress your wife or an advanced guitarist trying to fine-tune your skill to cause your crush to swoon, JustinGuitar has what it takes to take your date night to the next level. 

“Serenading your partner is one of the most romantic gestures you can do for them,” Justin told us. “Once I even made a whole lesson for a student who wanted to propose to their loved one.”

3. BodyGlide

Going on new adventures and taking risks with your partner makes date night all the more fun. Outdoor date activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, and horseback riding are all fun things to do to spice up your relationship. Although tapping into your adventurous side with your partner is fun, it’s important to keep your physical health in mind. 

BodyGlide products
BodyGlide can help people feel comfortable on active dates in the outdoors.

BodyGlide looks out for skin comfort when participating in physical activities. The skin products help prevent chafing, blisters, and raw skin problems. BodyGlide offers a soothing balm that is helpful for people who have sensitive skin. During vigorous date activities, you don’t want to end up with irritated skin. Thankfully, BodyGlide’s products help prevent rubbing that can cause irritation and future rashes. 

BodyGlide is a unique product line that is made up of all-natural and skin-safe ingredients. You can use BodyGlide products for wet or dry date activities such as surfing or hiking. The ingredients in the balm help the skin retain its moisture. People don’t have to worry about applying too much or not enough of the balm. 

“Body Glide formulas are unique protective barriers that don’t make a mess on your skin,” said Body Glide CEO, Bill Sternoff. “While they also help restore dry, chapped, and chafed skin, they are best known for comfort, confidence, and protecting skin against rubbing that causes irritation, rash, chafing, foot blisters, and raw skin.”

4. Tinggly

The best birthday gift I ever received from my boyfriend was a surprise trip to Saint Augustine, Florida. When I arrived, there were no wrapped presents waiting for me. Instead, we got a warm greeting from the beautiful ocean. After that day, I would proudly argue that there is no better gift to give your partner than a surprise baecation

As your relationship progresses, you’ll start to realize that the best gifts in life are experiences. Traveling is something that most couples aim to do because seeing the world together creates a bond. To help couples achieve this goal, the company Tinggly is dedicated to helping people find the best gift experience for a special someone. 

Tinggly image
Tinggly offers a unique way to gift experiences to the people you love.

On Tinggly all you have to do is choose a Tinggly gift box and send it as a gift to whoever you desire. The gift box includes a list of hundreds of diverse experiences in over 100 countries for your lover to choose from.

Tinggly has a mission that’s pure and simple: to change the culture of gift-giving around the world. The Tinggly team believes that gifting experiences is better than gifting material things. A memory is something that can last a lifetime whereas material gifts can be temporary satisfaction. 

“By trying new experiences, people enrich themselves, grow, and become happier,” said Tinggly Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer Linas Ceikus. “Our mission is to bring happiness. A Tinggly gift box is unique because that special someone will remember the experience long afterward.”

5. Bravus

Going to a bar to grab a beer is a common date activity. Watching a sports game or getting to know your date is always enjoyable with a beer in hand. But what about those sober individuals who have no interest in consuming alcohol? 

The Bravus Brewing Company, located in Anaheim, California, offers tasty non-alcoholic brews for daters to chat over. The founder of Bravus Brewing Company Philip Brandes wanted to create a safe space for people to come and hang out without having to consume alcohol. 

“I would imagine a lot of first or second dates are wrapped around alcohol. Part of the stigma about people who don’t drink is that it can be awkward ordering an iced tea or a soda at a restaurant or bar,” Philip told us.

Screenshot from website.
Bravus Brewing Company proves that nonalcoholic drinks are great.

Bravus Brewing Company is the first non-alcoholic craft brewery in the U.S. Since opening, the brewery has established a new name for tasty brews. Booze-free bars are just as fun and satisfying after all. You don’t have to be committed to being sober to enjoy Bravus’s famous drinks. Whether it’s for health or religious reasons, taking a break from alcohol has its benefits. 

Apart from being delicious, Bravus Brewing Company beers offer great health benefits. Some of the main benefits that non-alcoholic beers offer are they keep you hydrated, promote sleep, and have the potential to improve bone density. With these benefits, people never have to worry about growing a beer belly with non-alcoholic beers.

“When I was training for my last marathon there just wasn’t a great non-alcoholic beer on the market that approached the flavor of a good Blonde Ale, so I gave up drinking beer altogether,” said Jeremy, a Bravus Brewing Company client in a review. “Thanks to Bravus I can have a refreshing brew after my runs, and not have the effects of alcohol.”


An important factor to consider before going on a date is what you’re going to wear. It’s often been said that to impress the date you have to look the part. You should base your outfit on the activity or venue planned for the date. A bad outfit can make or break a date’s experience. For instance, you don’t want to wear a bathing suit to a 5-star restaurant and you don’t want to rock 6-inch stiletto heels on a hike.

For over 20 years, the multi-pocket clothing store SCOTTeVEST has been providing stylish outdoorsy clothes for couples to use on their next date adventure. With the slogan, “It’s not rocket science, it’s pocket science,” SCOTTeVEST designs clothes with pockets that can conveniently store anything you may need on a date. 

SCOTTeVEST was founded by Laura and Scott Jordan. When Laura and Scott created SCOTTeVEST, their goal was to help people gain peace of mind knowing that their gadgets and daily essentials would always be organized and within reach. From vests to windbreakers, all SCOTTeVEST clothes entail unique features. 

Daters can be ready for anything on a date with roomy pockets in their clothes. With SCOTTeVEST clothing, you can carry phone chargers, feminine products, and even a wine bottle to celebrate the end of a fun day together. 

“My wife was ecstatic as she no longer had to carry all of our stuff in her handbag. I will never travel without my SCOTTeVEST,” said Chris Finton, a satisfied SCOTTeVEST customer

Upgrade Dating With the Right Tools & Tricks

Dating can be so much fun with the right tools and the right person. With these six cool date hacks, couples can take their date nights to the next level. The casual Netflix-and-chill date can easily become more interesting by using the AirSelfie to capture pictures in between or with a fresh beer from Bravus Brewing Company. 

Regardless of the length of a relationship, maximizing fun activities on a date night is always important. Learning what your partner enjoys is the first step in creating the perfect date; the next step is executing their desires. It’s all just a matter of being thoughtful and considering what will make your date feel special!