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Frenchly Offers Couples Tips for Enjoying the Romance of French Culture

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Many couples dream of romantic nights under the stars in Paris, scenic rides along the French countryside, and — of course — the divine cuisine and wine unique to the country. While a French getaway may seem like just a distant dream for you and your partner, Frenchly proves that nearly anyone can plan their version of a perfect French vacation. The site offers plenty of recommendations and advice, covering hot topics from affordable flights to ways you can celebrate French culture from the comfort of your own dining room.

It can be easy for couples to let romance fall by the wayside in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our careers, home life, and other responsibilities can sometimes drive a wedge between us and the ones we love — even when we don’t realize it. Planning romantic date nights or vacations are great ways to keep the spark alive in any relationship. 

Catering those events to your interests can elevate the experience and help you and your partner to make lasting memories. Frenchly, a digital travel and lifestyle publication focused on all things French culture, is a perfect resource for couples seeking romance. 

Frenchly website screenshot
Frenchly has excellent recommendations for any situation or activity you might encounter during your French vacation.

Many couples have fallen in love while watching the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower at night, or while tasting wines in the famous province of Champagne. With every corner café and country vineyard, France has a way of bringing people closer together and inspiring cultural curiosity. 

Whether you and your significant other are certified Francophiles or looking for creative ways to incorporate romance and culture into your relationship, Frenchly is a robust guidebook for celebrating all that France has to offer.

Travel Recommendations May Inspire Your Next Getaway

With land spanning over 200,000 square miles, France’s rich history and cultural offerings run — quite literally — far and wide. The European country is known for its incredible architecture, delicious food, rich wine offerings, and chic fashion. Couples looking to plan their next adventure can rely on Frenchly for endless recommendations and advice about the where, how, and when to book those flights. 

The site features many articles with helpful tips and specific information regarding travel within France, including recommendations for specific French Airbnbs with historic backgrounds and day trip destinations you can reach from Nice, France.

Frenchly website screenshot
Even Francophiles interested in making France their permanent home can find helpful articles on the site.

Safety and comfort are also important considerations when you’re traveling abroad. Frenchly has plenty of advice on how to avoid getting pickpocketed in Paris and how to travel with children (or even your dog). 

The talented team at Frenchly have boundless expertise on the best French destinations, as well. “There are a lot of beautiful places in the south of France on the Côte-d’Azur,” Frenchly writer Catherine Rickman told us. “You could go to Nice and make that your ‘camp.’ Then, you could do little trips to the really romantic villages along the south of France [like] Menton or Saint-Paul-de-Vence. There’s also Bordeaux in the west of France, which is often referred to as ‘little Paris,’ although Bordeaux actually inspired a lot of the classic Parisian aesthetic we’re so familiar with.”

Couples traveling to France may also enjoy planning their own “tour de France” by enjoying the incredible food and wine offerings across the country. The Frenchly site features plenty of top picks for romantic bars and restaurants in Paris (among other locations) that you and your partner can try. 

Love is Always in The French Air

For centuries, Paris has been recognized as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. Although the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Parisian architecture are impressive, France is chock full of hidden gems and lesser known destinations to reignite the passion in any romantic relationship. 

Frenchly website screenshot
From shopping suggestions to cultural dos and don’ts, Frenchly has it all.

“I think that the French just have a really strong appreciation for beauty. It’s a really old country; there’s a lot of gorgeous old architecture and an appreciation for dressing nice and having good food and good wine,” Catherine shared. “I think when you put all those things together, it can create this romantic atmosphere… it’s just overwhelmingly beautiful.”

In addition to the many practical recommendations for housing and travel tips, Frenchly does a great job at acknowledging the romantic element in French culture. Informational articles about romantic things to do in Paris and even French wedding venues can help a couple plan a memorable getaway to connect and celebrate their love.

Both couples and singles visiting the country of France can benefit from learning about French dating culture. While it’s not mandatory to speak fluent French to enjoy romantic strolls along the Seine, it could be fun to pick up a phrase or two when discussing your love lives with the locals; Frenchly has you covered with suggestions for French expressions related to love and dating.

You Can Experience French Culture Wherever You Are

Let’s be honest: Not everyone can swing a glamorous trip to Paris financially, but budget-minded travelers will be pleasantly surprised by Frenchly’s advice on saving money while frolicking through the French countryside.

Frenchly website screenshot
Even if you aren’t ready to jet set quite yet, you and your partner can still enjoy a French-inspired date night.

“The biggest thing that I’ve noticed is the French attitude toward having a work-life balance and an appreciation for having a higher standard of living. When you’re in France, you can eat great food and drink great wine — and it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg,” Catherine said. 

Frenchly provides pieces written about inexpensive airlines for flying to France, French Airbnbs under $100, and free things to do in Paris. If you plan carefully and far enough in advance, you and your significant other can find just the right accommodations and activities for your chic adventure — without hurting your wallet. 

If you find that inflation has hit you a little too hard these days, fear not! Frenchly serves as a digital mecca for Francophiles old and new, and the site provides practical suggestions for appreciating French culture from anywhere in the world… even in your own living room. 

Frenchly website screenshot
Anyone across the U.S. can find unique and fun ways to celebrate French culture.

Guides written within the lifestyle as well as the food and wine sections on Frenchly can help you manifest the “je na sais quoi” of French culture in everyday life. Writers for the publication use their expertise to share tips on French cocktail ingredients, ways to learn about French wine on TikTok, and how guys can take inspiration from French fashion in order to dress like a chic French man.

Whether you’re planning a spontaneous whirlwind vacation or just scheming and dreaming about the idea of visiting France, Frenchly has a wealth of information to explore. Frenchly publishes fun tidbits about French culture and the lifestyle of its locals. For instance, did you know that French people don’t really wear shorts? Or that McDonalds exists in France, but with some cultural twists?

Americans across the U.S. can discover many ways to appreciate and learn from the French culture, cuisine, and language. Frenchly shares details about international schools in Dallas, Texas with programs to help children achieve fluency in French, places to celebrate Bastille Day in San Francisco, and exciting new French restaurants in New York City.

From cuisine to cultural idioms, Frenchly has a bounty of information and advice on everything Francophiles need to know. Planning your romantic vacation or even a Parisian-inspired date night is a simple task after browsing the site’s many articles and offerings. Bon voyage!