Getting Beyond The First Date

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Getting Beyond the First Date

Adrienne Longhurst
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Getting a first date is a piece of cake in comparison to getting a second. The main goal of the first date is to get to know each other and see if there’s enough chemistry to bother with a second date.

So what happens when you realize the guy sends your heart aflutter and you really, really want to see him again? Nothing, if you don’t play your cards right!

Getting beyond the first date means blowing him away so he just has to see you again. How do you achieve this, you ask? By doing the following:

1. Look good in a way that makes you happy.

Don’t wear what you think a guy wants you to, and instead wear something that makes you look in the mirror and say, “Daaamn girl!”

If you feel sexy and beautiful in what you wear, then that will make you look even better to him. Confidence is as sexy as it gets, so wear something that makes you ooze it from every silky smooth pore.

2. Relax.

I’m not talking about deep breathing techniques to calm your nerves, but I am talking about not putting heaps of pressure on yourself and worrying so much about whether or not he’s interested that it becomes impossible to enjoy the date.

Unless you’ve got an Oscar on your mantle, chances are he’ll sense your inability to relax and enjoy yourself, which could be a real turn-off. While you want to make a good impression, being relaxed and easy to be with will make doing that a heck of a lot easier.


“Make sure you have fun and

the rest will fall into place.”

3. Be up for anything…within reason, of course.

A guy is more likely to want to see you again if he feels he can have a good time with you, and I’m not talking about in bed — though that wouldn’t hurt later on!

Let him see you’re fun to be around and the kind of girl that’s easygoing and up for anything, and he’ll be thinking up plans for your next date before you finish dinner.

4. Give good flirt.

A girl who has mastered the art of flirting has got it made when it comes to scoring a second date. Knowing how to smile just so, how to look into his eyes just long enough to make him nervous, and how to lean in close enough you leave your fragrance on him without being too suggestive is all you need to give good flirt.

Practice on a friend or in front of the mirror with a stuffed doll if you have to.

5. Laugh.

You don’t need to pull out the fake hyena laugh or bust into hysterics at everything he says. Just try to enjoy a few laughs together during the date, because these are the little things he’ll remember long after the check’s been paid and the cab’s been hailed.

Along with all of these tips is the most important one — make sure you have fun and the rest will fall into place!