He Got Drunk the Last Time We Hung Out. Am I Wrong to End It?

Gina Stewart
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Reader Question:

I met this guy online and we hung out a few times. The last time we hung out, he got pretty drunk. I’m not a partier and that night drew up some red flags.

He text me “Hi, stranger” and I reply with a simple “Hey,” as I didn’t want to be rude by just blowing him off.

Shortly after I reply, he posts on Facebook a status about “I’m tired of all these girls. Aren’t there any women left here?” I was pretty startled by this, as he was the one acting immature and getting really drunk so soon into dating.

Am I in the wrong for trying to end it, or should I have given him the benefit of the doubt?

-Michelle (Florida)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

If you weren’t into the guy, you shouldn’t question ending it. Additionally, what he said after the fact shouldn’t matter and you shouldn’t take it to heart. You’re not interested. He seemed to be, so he was entitled to be disappointed.

In terms of the drinking issue, if you liked him, maybe he was due a benefit of the doubt.

You are what you consistently do. Maybe he deserved the chance to show you whether or not that behavior was a consistent one or a single regretful mistake.

If he continued to show the red flags, you’d be absolutely justified in ending it.

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