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How to Stand Out to Men Online

Sam Stieler
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Online dating

offers a great opportunity to meet high-quality men you would never encounter any other way during your normal daily life. Yet creating an online dating profile does not solve all your dating problems.

Popular online dating websites will offer those high-quality men access to hundreds, if not thousands, of attractive, eligible women to choose from, and if you want to snag the kind of guy you’ve always wanted to be with, you need to take some active measures to stand out from the crowd.

Start with your pictures.

Yes, this advice sounds shallow and regressive. I completely agree that you are more than your looks, and I firmly believe if you want to find a great man online, you better make sure your profile stands out for more reasons than how well you photograph.

But your pictures represent your first opportunity to grab a man’s attention and to become more than just another face in the digital crowd. Your pictures represents the first element of your profile you need to optimize.

If you don’t believe me, consider the most common sequence of actions a man takes when he evaluates the women he finds online.

  1. Man browses through a long listing of women’s profile pictures.
  2. Man sees a profile picture he likes.
  3. Man clicks on that woman’s profile picture and browses.
  4. Man looks at the woman’s other photos.
  5. If he finds her attractive, man browses back and reads the rest of her profile.

All your profile pictures matter, but as the above sequence of actions makes clear, nothing will help you stand out from the crowd as effectively as a great main profile picture.


“If a man sees that, then he’s

likely to check out your profile.”

Choosing the right profile picture.

Your profile’s main picture will pop up when men are browsing through their many options on your dating website. A good profile picture will grab his attention and convince him to click on your profile to learn more about you.

A bad profile picture will cause him to scroll past you without skipping a beat. If you make no other changes to your profile, optimize your main profile picture.

What makes a good profile picture?

  • Choose a high-quality picture clearly showing off what you look like.
  • A well-lit photo showing your whole face stands out among the dark pictures.
  • Professionally acquired headshots routinely receive more clicks.
  • Show some emotion. An honest emotion makes a greater impact than a blank stare.

You don’t need to choose a headshot for your profile picture, but you should choose an attention-grabbing image that showcases some element of how you look. For example, a wide shot of you standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon imparts a sense of adventure while still showcasing your whole body.

If a man sees that and likes your particular body type, then he’s highly likely to check out your profile.