How To Get A Guy To Like You

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How to Get a Guy to Like You

Lauren Hostert
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Getting a guy to like you can be one of the most ponderous aspects of dating. There are no patent guarantees because preferences vary so much from person to person. Here are a few general guidelines to help you feel confident in a variety of situations.

1. Be confident not cocky.

This is probably the most overused bit of dating advice ever, but cliches often end up that way for a reason. Be talkative but spend more time asking questions than talking about yourself.

People love talking about themselves. Just be careful not to get too Lisa Ling on them. It’s a conversation, not an interview.

It’s good not to take yourself too seriously, but try not to be too self-deprecating. Don’t come off as fishing for compliments.

2. Don’t be dramatic.

Guys, by and large, don’t go for drama. Difficult situations are a part of life and certainly part of a relationship, but try to keep them at bay when you’re first getting to know each other.

Try and keep whatever issues your friends are having from bleeding over onto you. Don’t leave your girls in a bad situation, but don’t spend your night being a mother hen. Let them dance on the table. They can untag the photos the next day.

Also, it seems pretty obvious but don’t bring up an ex. Even if it’s just conversational or seems innocuous, it sets a weird tone bringing them up so early.

3. Play it a little cool.

Sometimes you just need to channel your inner Fonzie. Don’t be dismissive or too aloof, but don’t be needy. Avoid fishing for compliments, even if you think you’re making a joke and, don’t come on too strong.

That said, make your feelings known. Be flirtatious, make eye contact, and make sure he knows you’re paying attention to him.

It’s difficult to balance showing your interest and playing it cool, so be aware of body language and cues to help let you know if you’re on the right track.