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It Takes 2™ — A Longstanding & Credible Matchmaker for Singles in Central Virginia

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The Short Version: One of the toughest parts of dating is figuring out where to meet people. These days, many singles turn to dating websites and wind up feeling burnt out from swiping through date after date. Online dating gives you access to date prospects but no easy mechanism for whittling down all those profiles to the right one for you. It Takes 2 offers singles in Virginia a time-saving solution to online dating frustrations. Carrie Daichman’s personalized matchmaking and dating coaching services usher singles through the dating process. A team of two matchmakers offer one-on-one assistance for clients, giving valuable dating feedback and handpicking compatible dates who have long-term potential. With more than 20 years of experience in the dating industry, It Takes 2 can guide single men and women to their own happily ever afters.

Marika felt supremely confident in her job as a pharmacist. She knew what sources to turn to if she needed guidance, and she understood how to be successful in her day-to-day work. However, she wasn’t nearly as confident and well-supported in her personal life. She felt full of dread at the prospect of dating again after having been married for 17 years. She didn’t know how or where to even start.

“I was hesitant to re-enter the dating world,” she recalled in a testimonial, “and was not comfortable in a bar atmosphere or on an internet website.”

Marika knew she needed professional guidance and decided to take a chance on It Takes 2, a matchmaking service in Richmond, Virginia. She was just looking for some dating experience, but what she found was the love of her life. The matchmaking team introduced her to a few men before landing on the one for her.

She and Jeff hit it off on their first date. Marika couldn’t believe how perfect he was for her.

“Now I tell people all the time that I have won the ‘man-lottery,'” she said. “Joining It Takes 2 was the only way that we would ever have met.”

Screenshot of the It Takes 2 website

Over the years, the It Takes 2 team has witnessed many love stories between matched couples.

Carrie Daichman, Founder of It Takes 2, told us she still gets a rush from success stories like Marika’s. “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, but I still get just as excited when I make a match,” she said.

Since 1998, Carrie and her matchmaking team have introduced daters who share similar values, attitudes, and goals. This locally owned and operated dating service serves Virginia singles with an alternative to the hassles of online dating. Backed by decades of experience, Carrie runs an intimate two-person matchmaking company and gives personalized attention to every client. Anyone looking for love can turn to this team for can-do dating assistance in the Central Virginia area.

Working alongside Carrie is Ashley Farlow, who approaches matchmaking with empathy and warmth.

“She’s is super positive,” Carrie said. “Her glass isn’t just half full — it’s 100% full. She comes in smiling and remains smiling throughout her day.” The welcoming atmosphere of It Takes 2 lifts the spirits of clients who may feel rundown in the dating world.

Carrie Has Been Arranging Compatible Dates Since 1998

As part of their professional matchmaking services, the It Takes 2 team gets to know clients on a personal level. You’re not just a number in a database to them. Carrie and Ashley take a vested interest in understanding the individual’s dating history, dealbreakers, goals, and temperament, so they can successfully match compatible couples.

Photo of Carrie Daichman, Founder of It Takes 2

Carrie Daichman founded It Takes 2, a boutique matchmaking service, in 1998.

In fact, all clients take an in-depth personality assessment that was designed by a marriage counselor. Carrie compared the test to the Myers-Briggs test because it pinpoints salient aspects of the test taker’s personality. Based on the assessment — and their own intuition — the matchmakers then pair people up and arrange fruitful dates between men and women with similar outlooks and values.

It Takes 2 is a confidential service, handling your love life with care and discretion. Instead of posting your information for the world online, you can trust a professional matchmaking team to maintain your privacy while finding someone right for you.

Carrie gives her clients a lot of credit for coming to her for help, and she does all she can to make it a positive experience. “It’s a leap of faith,” she said. “It’s not an easy thing to step outside your comfort zone, but what I emphasize is it’s OK to take that chance. The person meeting you is doing it for the first time as well.”

Date Coaching to Give Singles Valuable Feedback

In addition to matchmaking, It Takes 2 offers dating coaching services to help clients navigate the dating scene on their own. Guided by years of experience, these dating coaches polish a dater’s conversational skills, provide fashion tips, and go over good date etiquette. Through role playing and online profile optimization, they show singles the best practices for dating online and real life.

By building on strengths and pointing out weaknesses, the date coaching package prepares clients of all experience levels to date with confidence.

“This service gives you the unique opportunity to learn tips and tricks from matchmakers who have over 20 years of experience in dating and etiquette.” — It Takes 2

Additionally, after It Takes 2 sets you up on a first date, the matchmakers provide invaluable feedback on what that person thought about you. This gives you the opportunity to fix any bad dating habits and understand how you’re perceived by date prospects. Carrie said her post-date assessments are often instrumental in helping her clients grow and improve.

“What differentiates us from online dating is we can give feedback and help singles navigate dating,” she said. “Without that, you don’t know what you’re doing right or wrong and could repeat the same pattern and get the same results (or lack of results) over and over again.”

Many Former Clients Have Gotten Married & Started Families

According to internal numbers, It Takes Two has been responsible for matching more relationships than any other dating service in Central Virginia.
The experienced team boasts an 80% success rate. Carrie told us she has attended several weddings over the years to watch couples she introduced tie the knot.

Photo of Kim and Jeff, a couple introduced by It Takes 2

After meeting through It Takes 2, Kim and Jeff got married in 2011.

The website’s Reviews page is overflowing with gratitude and love for the matchmaking team. “After several dates, we both decided to put our memberships on hold. That was 13 years ago,” wrote Gretchen and Mike, a happily married couple. “We feel so lucky to have found each other. Thank you It Takes 2 for bringing us together!”

“There is definitely a connection here,” Janet wrote about her new love interest, introduced to her by It Takes 2. “You’ve erased any doubts I had about using your service.”

Pictured here, Kim and Jeff had a beautiful April wedding and sent their thanks to It Takes 2. Carrie is deeply gratified by every note and picture she receives from former clients who have fallen in love, gotten married, and started families.

“We get to witness how meeting the right person can transform an individual’s life,” she said. “My oldest client was actually 86 years old, and she told me she felt like a teenager again.”

Clients of all ages and backgrounds depend on It Takes 2 to help them make a love connection without the legwork of traditional and online dating. “We both want to thank you so much for bringing us together,” wrote Kathy and Brian, who met through It Takes 2. “We are going to share the rest of our [lives] together, and you helped make it happen!”

It Takes 2’s Personalized Services Help You Meet the Right Person

Based in Central Virginia, It Takes 2 excels at connecting local singles looking for love. Each new client is carefully interviewed, screened, and matched by a knowledgeable and optimistic matchmaking team.

Photo of the It Takes 2 logo

It Takes 2 discreetly matches clients based on their personal compatibility.

Whether you’re seeking an empathetic counselor to coach you or a streamlined service to match you, It Takes 2 helps singles handle today’s fast-paced dating scene and find that special someone in their area.

Many former clients have nothing but good things to say about their experience with It Takes 2. “I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to find your true love,” Marika said in her testimonial. “Just as I have!”

As a time-tested matchmaker, Carrie takes a personalized approach to support her clients throughout the dating process. “I feel like I wear a lot of hats,” she said with a laugh. “Matchmaker, best friend, confidant. I do what I can to help and guide clients to meet the love of their life.”