Safety And Verification Providers To Watch Out For

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Safety and Verification Providers to Watch Out For

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Experts agree that the safest dating sites and apps today require user verification. Safety and verification systems work to keep catfishers, scammers, and other bad actors from infiltrating platforms.

User verification, in some form, has been part of signing up for a service for a while, but as scams get trickier, these technologies need to get better at detecting and preventing them.

The solution and threat to effective safety and verification systems is the same technology: Artificial Intelligence.

While safety and verification providers are using AI to improve their processes for users, scammers have access to the same technology and are making quick advancements.

These providers are at the forefront of protecting internet users from scams, fraud, and other bad actors online. They constantly monitor the efficacy of their systems and bolster the processes when necessary.

A great online dating experience begins with the proper level of privacy and safety, and users should stay up-to-date about what to look for in an effective safety provider.


BrightCheck is the first romance scam and anti-catfish check and is an invaluable tool for online daters who want to stay safe online. BrightCheck is available on the App Store and Google Play, and is a verification system individuals can use to verify users from any dating app. BrightCheck’s mission is to create a safer dating environment for everyone, and for BrightCheck, that starts with user verification.


BrightCheck combines three checks into one: Anti-catfish, social media, and criminal checks. The service uses social media searches to identify and compile accounts so users can investigate the account’s authenticity. Many daters would like to know if a person they’re meeting on a dating app has a criminal history. BrightCheck looks for significant criminal offenses and compiles them into an easy-to-read report.


irisnet is a relative newcomer to the scene, but it has the tech and experience to make a big splash. irisnet specializes in creating AI systems that can analyze photos and videos in real time. This technology has substantial use in the verification field, as it allows user verification to be done with incredible accuracy and swiftness. irisnet is currently working on gesture recognition, privacy and youth protection, and face recognition technologies using AI.


irisnet’s AI can analyze photos and videos and identify facial expressions and hand gestures. The person and object recognition technology can make real-time measurements, automatically count and quantify objects, and extract statistical data from videos. irisnet’s tech is used across the web to protect users from fake accounts and keep platforms safe.


WebPurify combines AI and human monitoring to form its state-of-the-art content moderation services. It’s not untypical for dating apps to use content moderation features. Content moderation keeps users protected whether these features prevent inappropriate behavior in chats and other communications or prevent certain information from being used in profiles.


WebPurify’s mission is to ensure a safe online experience for every user by giving companies the technology they need to protect their users. WebPurify uses AI to moderate content across media types and web spaces, including text, images, videos, and interactive content in the metaverse. Every day, WebPurify moderates 3.5 million text submissions, half a million images, and thousands of videos.


Cove wants to build a safe, healthier internet by enabling companies to automate moderation without writing code. This breakthrough in the moderation space has potential for all sorts of industries and services that want to create a personalized and streamlined content moderation system that can learn from simple language inputs.


Cove’s AI checks uploaded content and then allows users to select what policies they would like to enforce. These policies include protections against hate, violence, harassment, profanity, and sexual content, among other categories. Once users have selected the policies they want to enforce, Cove creates a personalized harassment policy, and then an AI moderation model is built based on the policy. 


Checkr is using AI and human expertise to make background checks faster and fairer. Checkr’s technology was designed to create simpler and more equitable hiring practices, but its usefulness extends into online dating. While background checks are important for many online platforms to adequately protect their users, criminal records almost never tell the full story of a person. And background checks can end up excluding individuals who shouldn’t be excluded.


Checkr’s processes have fairness embedded into them and take a “screen-in” rather than a “screen-out” approach. Checkr’s background checks cover Social Security Number tracing, national criminal records checks, sex offender registry searches, and employment verification. Online dating platforms can use Checkr to establish user trust from the start and ensure users feel safe while pursuing connections.

Trust Stamp

Trust Stamp’s identity verification technology was designed to help dating apps establish user identity, detect duplicate accounts, and enforce platform policies and guidelines. Catfishing and fake accounts have long been nuisances in online dating, but AI has made the techniques of bad actors harder to detect. Scammers can use AI to create completely new faces and even combine different facial features to bypass verification systems.

trust stamp

Trust Stamp uses biometric identity verification and AI to assist online dating platforms in providing users with security and privacy, all while maintaining a seamless user experience. User verification is essential in online dating, and when platforms use Trust Stamp, they send a clear message to their users that they prioritize and value their safety.

AI Enables Tech to Keep Up With Growing Threats

You can’t get the most out of the dating experience if you constantly worry about your safety on the app. While it’s up to each internet user to use proper online safety habits and educate themselves about common scams, platforms also have a responsibility to ensure their users’ safety.

The next time you’re deciding which dating app to try, look for one with robust verification and safety features. It’s a good sign that the company is rooting for your online dating success.