Screening Online Dates

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Screening Online Dates

Kara Pound
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Hands down, the most intimidating part of online dating is the person-to-person meet and greet. Say you’re getting ready for a first date with a guy you met online and your head won’t stop spinning with thoughts like, “What if he’s married?” or “What if he’s 40 and lives with his mom?” or my personal favorite, “What if he perpetually smells like an onion factory?”

By knowing what to look for in a profile, women can weed out the “bad apples” while searching for Mr. Right. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect mate online.

1. His profile picture looks like it’s from Google image search.

Chances are, if an online dating site looks staged or fraudulent, then it probably is. If you’re weary that the online voice doesn’t match the profile picture, then ask a few questions such as “Oh, where was that taken?” and see what kind of reply you get.

2. Do a little investigating.

If you know your possible Prince Charming’s first and last name plus the city he lives in, then do a little online investigation. Just type in the full name and city and hit “Google.” Don’t be stalkerish about it. Just check to make sure this guy is who he says he is.


“If something sounds too good to be true or just makes

you downright uncomfortable, then trust your gut.”

3. First things first.

What is the first thing you’re introduced to when you meet a guy online? His profile name, of course. Give the profile name a few minutes of thought. Is it something like “AlexinTuscon,” “LADodgersFan” or “StarWarsNerd”? Those seem like profile names a “real” person would use.

4. The little things.

It may sound snobby, but if education is important to you, then screen out the guys who don’t use proper grammar, punctuation or are just too lazy to actually spell out words. The way a person communicates says a lot about who they are.

5. Most importantly, trust your gut.

If something sounds too good to be true or just makes you downright uncomfortable, then trust your gut. Women have an amazing ability to instinctively know when something is off. Listen to that intuition.

Online dating is a great way to meet your potential Mr. Right, but be smart and vigilant about sifting through the scammers and the dirt bags. Don’t rush to meet every guy who sends you a message. Look at the little things, as well as the big picture, and always trust your gut.