Skinney Medspa Helps Daters Feel Confident

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Skinney Medspa Helps Daters Feel Confident With Body Contouring and Skincare Treatments

Lynn Cadet

Written by: Lynn Cadet

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The Short Version: Feeling confident is a huge part of dating in a healthy way. You don’t want to walk into a date worrying about your appearance, or your nervous mood may overshadow the night. A top provider in body contouring and skincare, SKINNEY Medspa offers beauty and spa-like services to help singles feel good on the inside and out. Its anti-aging, skin, and body treatments give clients the boost they need to feel confident in their natural appearances. We spoke with Lindsay Malachowski, Director of Operations at SKINNEY Medspa, about the medspa’s noninvasive treatments, focus on realistic beauty ideals, and wellness movement.

We’ve all felt insecure before. We look in the mirror and feel something is just not right. Maybe it’s an eyebrow that’s too bushy, a lingering dark spot, or a wrinkle that seemed to materialize out of thin air. What’s worse is that these flaws seem to magnify when we have something important to attend, such as a date, making it difficult to feel confident about our looks.  

Instead of letting these flaws get in the way of your nights out, daters can turn to SKINNEY Medspa for an aesthetics boost and a confidence lift. The med spa was created by identical twin sisters, Marisa and Adriana Martino, in 2010. After years of working for NYC’s leading med spas, the sisters opened their first location in a doctor’s office brownstone in the Upper East Side.

Skinney Medspa Logo
SKINNEY Medspa provides treatments to help clients look and feel their best.

From there, they expanded and organically grew their business, with five locations across Miami, Houston, and New York City. The team’s primary goal is to help clients feel and look their best. And clients don’t have to undergo extensive surgical procedures to achieve their best selves either. 

“What we love about our treatments is that they’re minimal. What they’re doing is they’re enhancing your natural beauty. It’s not about entirely changing how you look,” said Lindsay Malachowski, Chief Operating Officer at SKINNEY Medspa. 

SKINNEY Medspa customizes its treatments to meet client-specific expectations and needs. If someone is skeptical about the process, they can get a free consultation and check out the various options available for beauty treatments. 

“Our free consultation is a no-pressure way to meet with an expert and learn about different treatments and price points that can be comfortable. When you come in to consult, you can find out these different options and weigh out what will be best for you,” said Lindsay. 

Look Your Best, Feel Your Best

External appearances play a massive role in establishing confidence. When people look their best, they feel their best. This cannot be more significant than when it comes to dating. Singles want to focus on getting to know their date instead of stressing over their look, which can lead to distraction. SKINNEY Medspa helps singles build confidence in their natural beauty and feel attractive, establishing that feeling in their life well before going on a date. 

“We’ve become well known nationally as a leader in body contouring. We’re the number two provider of CoolSculpting in the country on a non-franchised basis and the number one provider of Emsculpt in the country and the world,” said Lindsay.

Screenshot of Skinney Medspa's CoolSculpting
SKINNEY Medspa is the number two provider of CoolSculpting in the US.

Body contouring is the most popular among SKINNEY Medspa clients. Its treatments allow clients to spot and treat specific areas of their bodies to achieve a natural and refined appearance. Lindsay told us SKINNEY Medspa’s body contouring services are great for people who want to target and reduce stubborn fat areas that resist diet and exercise.

“We’re born with a certain amount of fat cells in certain areas. Due to things like genetics, you can’t change that. Instead of undergoing an extensive surgical procedure, you can undergo something minimally invasive that can just freeze the fat cells there,” said Lindsay. 

Its Coolsculpting treatment is FDA-cleared and requires zero downtime. Sessions last around 35 minutes each, and clients can see full results within three months. “Body contouring is great for little things that bother us that we can easily and inexpensively change, making us feel more confident where we don’t have to undergo a big expensive procedure,” said Lindsay.

Promoting Realistic Beauty and Wellness Standards

With more people learning to embrace their bodies, many seek minimal treatments instead of surgery to enhance their natural appearance. Spot treating allows them to feel more comfortable and confident while avoiding invasive procedures, which SKINNEY Medspa promotes. 

“More people are opting to accept their bodies. So we create these micro changes that will give you the best version of yourself, help you feel comfortable in your skin, and address small things that may bother you or make you feel insecure,” said Lindsay. 

For SKINNEY Medspa, it’s not about creating a new look for clients but enhancing natural beauty. Daters can achieve their ideal aesthetic without heavily altering their physical appearance. For first-timers, Lindsay recommends Emsculpt Neo or Coolsculpting treatments, which are less complex and require little downtime. 

medspa procedure
Treatments like Coolsculpting can help you feel your best.

“What people don’t often realize is that Botox can be preventative. As we age, gravity pulls things down, especially around the brow, the forehead, and the eyes. Putting microdroplets of Botox into and around the eyes creates a gentle lift when done correctly,” said Lindsay. 

Its Emsculpt Neo treatment helps clients build muscle and tighten and tone specific body areas, including the abdomen, inner thighs, and arms. Emsculpt Neo uses electromagnetic simulation to force the body into doing crunches. Although it doesn’t replace diet and exercise, it can help amplify the results clients seek. 

That said, the SKINNEY team also cares about the wellness of their clients and providing treatments that will help them holistically. “We’re a big proponent of not just doing treatments on the outside but taking care of your body. We like to promote eating healthy, working out, and reducing stress,” said Lindsay. 

A Top Provider of Popular Treatments 

Partnerships have helped SKINNEY Medspa grow a lot over the years. Its partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue allowed it to open two flagship locations within Saks’ NYC stores. SKINNEY Medspa was also the first med spa team to work with Biologique Recherche, an exclusive French skincare line. As it happens, the SKINNEY team continues to expand its treatment catalog with new partnerships.

SKINNEY Medspa recently began working with medical experts and providers to offer more wellness solutions. “We’ve recently partnered with a leading physician to offer weight loss medication for appropriate candidates to coincide with our body contouring treatments,” said Lindsay. 

Screenshot of a Skinney Medspa room
SKINNEY Medspa provides luxury care and spa-like services for clients.

As technology advances, the SKINNEY Team has more treatment additions to consider. It recently added PRP for face and hair to help with hair restoration. The team also plans to offer other treatments, including peptides and IV drips. Overall, SKINNEY Medspa aims to provide services that will boost wellness as a whole. 

“Going back to what are the other treatments we can offer that will make clients look and feel their best, and some of those are internal, not external. So we’re looking into becoming more educated in those solutions and educating our clients. So we’re excited to pivot more into that as we expand,” said Lindsay. SKINNEY Medspa Helps Daters Feel Confident With Body Contouring and Skincare Treatments