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Lynn Cadet
Lynn Cadet is a dedicated feature writer for, and her articles have been shared and posted across the web. She has work experience in online content and media relations. Her passion for creative writing has led her to work collaboratively with professionals in the tech and lifestyle sectors. Lynn aims to create inspiring, relatable, and informational pieces on all things dating.

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Fairytrail Helps Digital Nomads Find Love Matches and Adventure Partners

Fairytrail’s Dating App Connects Digital Nomads

By: Lynn Cadet • 12/18/23

The Short Version: Fairytrail helps travelers and digital nomads build lasting relationships and embark on unforgettable...(read more)

Skinney Medspa Helps Daters Feel Confident With Body Contouring and Skincare Treatments

SKINNEY Medspa Offers a Confidence Boost with Treatments

By: Lynn Cadet • 9/18/23

The Short Version: Feeling confident is a huge part of dating in a healthy way. You don’t want to walk into a date...(read more)

FaceTec Eliminates Uncertainty in Dating Security and Adds Trust in Matches

FaceTec Adds Trust in Matches with Bot Detection

By: Lynn Cadet • 8/10/22

The Short Version: FaceTec uses the power of 3D AI user authentication technology to eliminate online dating fraud on...(read more)

The Lyric Opera Brings Passion and Excitement to Date Nights in Chicago

Lyric Opera Brings Excitement to Date Nights

By: Lynn Cadet • 2/24/22

The Short Version: Intimacy and emotional connection are essential to the health of a relationship. Couples can seek to...(read more)

Braver Angels Offers Tips for Bridging the Political Divide in Your Personal Relationships

Braver Angels Helps Bridge Political Divide in Relationships

By: Lynn Cadet • 1/3/22

The Short Version: Braver Angels is a bipartisan organization that strives to bring Americans together regardless of...(read more)

Swap Provides Affordable Clothing For Eye-Catching Date Night Looks

Swap Provides Affordable Fashion for Daters

By: Lynn Cadet • 12/31/21

The Short Version: Swap provides daters with affordable, stylish clothing for a night (or day) out on the town. Singles...(read more)

BTW Bakery Creates Memorable Desserts To Commemorate Relationship Milestones

BTW Bakery Creates Memorable Wedding Cakes

By: Lynn Cadet • 12/15/21

The Short Version: If you’re searching for gluten-free delights, By The Way Bakery can answer the call. The bakery...(read more)